I met Mr. Zhang Yongxiang, a Qigong master!


I have been doing yoga for XNUMX years.

It seems that many professional snowboarders have started yoga these days.

It is highly recommended because it gives you good muscles, flexibility, mental calm and self-confidence.

But what I'm most interested in right now. .. .. ..


Actually, it seems to be the power that everyone has, and it will be possible to use it depending on the practice.

Yoga can make you healthy, but Qigong can make you and others healthy, so

If you can use "Qigong" in the action sport of snowboarding,
It ’s okay

I was also interested in Tai Chi (martial arts using Qigong) because I was also learning it.

(This magazine is quite old)

Whenever you look at Qigong, the first person to be mentioned is Dr. Zhang Yongxiang.

Continue to cure the intractable diseases that doctors threw with the power of qigong one after another,

A Qigong master who holds the hand of God and appears in magazines and TV.

In fact, changes such as brain vibrations and rising body temperature are beginning to be scientifically proven.

Recently, the teacher has a history of XNUMX years of Qigong.

Stay out of the gate (secret body movements that should not be taught by anyone other than a qigong master)

We have announced what is called to the world.

It is "Puru Puru Gymnastics".

It seems that people in the world have never announced their intentions to be healthy and happy.

I'm a big fan of that kind of thinking, thinking that the big thing is the real thing ☆

"Awesome DVD book"

This is a recently published book of collaboration between Professor Zhang Yongxiang and Hideto Tomabechi.

Hideto Tomabechi is a famous brain function scholar.

I have been reading Tomabechi's book for a long time, so I bought this Qigong book.

But even if I look at the book, I don't know how to make my Qigong ball. .. ..

Because if you haven't experienced Qigong, you can't see "Qi" and it's hard to understand. .. ..

Then, seeing is believing!

It ’s easiest to experience, so

I went to have Mr. Zhang, who is said to be the hand of God, do real qigong.

Teachers who are active at home and abroad cannot meet immediately.

Patiently, keep waiting,

Finally, I was finally able to meet you yesterday! !! !!

"Qigong changes brain waves"

I also had a meditation class in an American yoga class, so

I have experienced theta waves once or twice.
(It is easy to get alpha waves in yoga and meditation)

And when it comes to theta waves. .. .. ..

Qigong is said to be in a state of change consciousness.

I think it's like the Eighth consciousness in Buddhism and the potential in self-development.

Immediately after receiving the teacher's qigong

I knew that the whole body changed at once with the feeling of "Guin", so

Honestly, I was surprised more than I expected.

Somehow, it resembled the fluffy feeling of an elevator and the feeling of losing power just before the sleep paralysis, and about XNUMX minutes later, it became the feeling I experienced in meditation.

So, I got really positive thinking! !! !!

It may have been a delta wave beyond theta waves. .. ..Lol

It was the best feeling I've ever had.

According to statistics

The amount of dopamine (pleasure hormone) secreted

Delicious meal XNUMX%
Alcohol XNUMX%
Narcotics XNUMX-XNUMX%
Meditation, Qigong XNUMX%

It is the ratio. 

The awesomeness of the teacher who continues to cure end-stage cancer patients and surprises the medical community was real!