I made a snowboard carving off-training video

I have received a request from before

I made an off-training video of snowboarding using skateboarding that can be done in the off-season


This time, the brand "YOROI SKATEBOARD" developed by Mr. Bayleaf

This is a how-to movie shot using a model called "RYUⅡ", a long skateboard for snowboard carving off-training.


It was Ronsuke for snowboard carving off training, which was my first challenge,

I see, can you practice the turn with this?I felt that

According to the X-ray results last month, I have a hard time with the bones of my upper arm.

It was a stable deck, so I was able to skate with less anxiety ~



I thought about the composition so that skating beginners can practice even if they try.


Chapter 1 Try to get on the board while stopped

Chapter 2 How to make a stance

Chapter 3 Push

Chapter 4 Large Round Carving

Chapter 5 Grab Turn

Chapter 6 Switch Carving

Chapter 7 Continuous Short Turns



By the time it snows, you can improve your turn skills even on land.

It's nice ~