I got married ^^

Hello everyone, I joined on June XNUMXth.


Let me tell you about the beginning of getting used to. .. ..


It's not just a little happy.


The other person is the one I met in the winter of this season

Actually, it was a time when I was really at the bottom.


To tell the truth, my beloved rabbit, Runta, died suddenly, and the season started the next day with me at a loss, so I went to Hokkaido crying.


Runta's sudden death was more painful and painful than I had imagined.


Maybe I didn't pay enough attention?I was suffering by blaming myself.


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It seems that it was all thanks to you that you have hosted events and lived alone without being lonely. .. ..


The logo of the event was also on your face, so ...


Because it was hurt deeper than I expected

I was just crying because of negative thoughts.

Because it had too dark side energy

When I was forcibly snowboarding while crying, I got caught in the roots of a tree, became dangling, and my knees were dislocated. .. ..


Then I walked with crutches, and my heart was tattered and my body was tattered.

I've devoted my life to my favorite thing, snowboarding, if I get injured and can't slip

Just a XNUMX-year-old bachelor. .. ..Lol


It was a deal that I was strong


Maybe I've never had such a sad and miserable experience.


"I've always been courageous and I can live alone without relying on anyone!"


It seems that she was a really cute woman.


It's the first time I've lost Runta, I'm really alone, and I can't move.


"Really happiness in life is not about fulfilling your dreams,

Meet and think about only one partner. .. .. To the origin of course

I finally noticed.



A long time ago, in the story of Bbuddha, when Master Gojara entered the forest, he got lost.

There is a story about meeting a fox, a bear, and a rabbit.

The three look for food with the desire to help the hungry old man.


Bears are fish, foxes are nuts.

And only rabbits can't find what humans eat.

Suddenly the rabbit jumped into the bonfire himself.

The rabbit offered his life to his teacher, Gojara. .. ..

Master Gojara was astonished at the rabbit's actions and cried.

It is said that Gojara, who was terribly shocked by this event, will become enlightened XNUMX days later.


I didn't like this story, and I told Rabbit Norunta, "I can't do this!" .. ..


I've often heard that when pets have a lot of love for their pets, they absorb their illness and die of it.

And the story that the owner will be fine.


On the day of Lunta's death, I was examined at a veterinary clinic, and I had no problem with my health.


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And the day I disappeared was the day before I decided to go to Hokkaido.

I wasn't planning to die, but I was forced to suffer that way, but I didn't feel like I went to the other world.

Why did that happen?

I still don't know the reason, and it was such a shock that I reconsidered everything with a big shock.

The impact is

I realized that a person cannot live alone.

I can do anything alone!I was a high-flying car

Actually, I depended on a small life, so it seems that I was able to snowboard and do my best at events.

Suddenly losing an important existence, the scenery in front of me changed color,

I changed myself completely.


And all the high-flying feelings disappeared, and I was able to humbly face my life.

When I was nothing, I became bearish and depressed, and I was at a loss.

Reflecting on many things,

I can say it myself,

I have become a woman who must protect me. .. ..


And ... I met a few days later.


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I often hear that it's good to meet people when they're happy and lucky.

Even if you don't have a man like me. .. .. .. !!

In the case of the type that I think, I have to fall to the bottom of Tokoton and be alone and my body can not move as I want

I wonder if I couldn't see what was really important.


Even if they met, they might not have noticed the gratitude of the person.


It seems now that Runta has thrown himself out and led me to happiness.

I'm just grateful to Runta.


A little dear lover who will never be forgotten. .. ..


Runta No. 2 (husband)

Where you eat a lot, where you sleep a lot, where you're cute, it's kind of like a lantern and you'll be healed.

And they support me to continue to be a snowboarder.

And as I learned later, he's a physiotherapist and he's working to heal injured people.

I got a lot of muscle training and massages,

I'm getting better and better than before my body met.






Yukie Ueda, who was with me on this trip with two women, was also a wife and mother, but she continued her professional activities and had a lot of positive influences during the trip.

I hope I can do that in the future.

I think we have to do it more seriously than ever before.


If you support me, I will be valuable as a rider.

Thank you for your continued support, right? ✨