I enjoyed sliding in Goofy wall heaven / Gunma Prefecture Tambara Ski Park



Date and time:Mid January 2020 / weather:Light cloudy / Snow quality: After fresh snow, a little potash under the fresh snow

I heard that there are many beginners to intermediates in the popular Numata area this time."Tambara Ski Park"I've been sloped at.As a result of skiing, although the slope is gentle overall, there is also the terrain of the Goofy wall, and I thought that the artifacts are also an interesting ski resort.It was Rider: who participated this time Shinji Sato

There is only a popular area and the facilities are beautiful.

First, access the main area of ​​the ski resort by the first lift.

First of all, it seems to be the main slope of this ski resort from the name"Center course"What.With a slight terrain and a pleasant slope, you can speed up from the morning and slide on the snow-packed burn.The course width narrows from the middle, and the lower part of the course is a gentle slope.

Artifacts on the Goofy wall at the end of the course.It has become a rider's favorite item today.

“Lakewood Course”What.The powder on the edge was comfortable, and I slipped while entwining the powder with the compressed snow.

next"Woody course"What.Did the wall suddenly come out and you came to the hit course?After that, there was a step between the wall and the compressed snow.

The walls were cut until the end of the course, so I don't know if the snow is bad or the course is narrow, but I felt that the slopes were intentionally cut.

after that,"Forester Course"What.The upper part is a course with a slope and a lot of Goofy terrain.It's quite slippery.

The Goofy wall continues even if the slope disappears.The rider seemed to want speed.I speeded up and went into the wall.

The last is wave pumping and thigh bread.

"Challenge course"Is a wide opening burn.

“Woody course”From the bottom"Multi-use course"Access to

Goofy wall again from the middle of the course.This is a no-track get.

“Family course”Is really loose .

Finally, the stepped terrain of snow.Doesn't it feel like this is timing?

The Numata area in the inland area of ​​Japan.Since there is less snowfall, you can enjoy the best snow quality if it snows.Please be careful when entering the wall as there are places where there is little snow and rocks appear.Forcibly entering the terrain may damage the board or injure you.Still, this is Goofy wall heaven.Up to artifacts.I enjoyed sliding.
If you have a chance, why don't you go skiing?


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