Mt. Hotaka in spring snow 🌸

I climbed Mt. Hotaka 🏔✨

Mt. Hotaka near Tokyo.


When I was looking for something to climb,


I was able to access it from the top of Kawaba Ski Resort!


I used to wear a mountain map to collect information, so I was able to climb the snowy mountains with confidence.D675B147-CF26-463B-AD62-840B813233F2

I could see the summit of Mt. Hotaka so I didn't get lost,



At this time, many rocky areas were frozen, so crampons were essential.


I'm glad I brought it!


The snow was completely spring snow,

I'm glad that the speed came out!

B804D3CA-7627-4674-B840-2D042E87142DThere were some climbers,


We were the only skiers and snowboarders
E657CD5D-9A69-4BCF-B01D-9EF943DC3E8CWith the cooperation of Kawaba Ski Resort,

I was able to enjoy a fun backcountry!


Thank you ^ _ ^