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XNUM X Month X NUM X Day Saturday

Owner of Chichibu Snowboard Shop

Mr. Yoshida planned a joint birthday with Mr. Kasukake for the global session ٩ (ˊᗜˋ *) و


Mr. Yoshida was the brand manager before moving to Gnu Snowboard.





Born on July 7th!


Apparently just

We are just 10 years old. .. .. ..



I asked Mr. Kasukake to invite me to his birthday party and celebrate with me ...





I'm glad to have you celebrate! !!





I want to support me as I'm doing my best


Let's do a backcountry tour with a global session plan



I'm so happy and happy ... (/ _;)


When there is something that makes me happy when it's hard

I feel more sad than usual.


I cried without any luck.

(I don't say age ...)



The day of this birthday party was the birthday of my late father


It was a special day for me 365 days a year.

I felt it had a deep meaning.



Recently, I'm tired because I've been depressed in my private life.


Such a happy surprise ...


After all I have to do my best!


To everyone's kindness

I was so happy that I was horrified ...





Mr. Yoshida also said, "Mari is evolving."

If you say that, everything will be rewarded


When I was supported by Mr. Yoshida with the brand before the current Gnu snowboard,


I feel sorry because I was only injured

Because it was there




Here again Holori ... (/ _;)



I would like to cherish the person who celebrated with me who made me feel so happy ('-')


And next winter we will have a backcountry tour!


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