How to enjoy Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Enjoy high-quality powder in the "Exclusive area for advanced users", and spend an elegant time at the "Rime Terrace" while gazing at the spectacular view of the snowy mountains.

"Hoshino Resorts Tomamu" satisfies riders of all skill levels with its extensive grounds and variety of courses and activities.Shimukappu Village, where the resort is located, is an area where the temperature drops below minus 10 degrees on many days.You can enjoy the finest powder snow created by the low temperature unique to the inland area.
There are many valuable programs and services that can only be enjoyed here in Tomamu.

"Advanced limited release area"
Enjoy powder snow in the non-compacted snow area of ​​the ski resort

Skiing outside the course (within the management area) of the ski resort is permitted in the "advanced ski area only".In this area, you can enjoy the natural terrain of Tomamu, which is full of ups and downs.However, even though it's in a controlled area, it's outside the course where you can't normally ski.In order to ski here, it is necessary to wear a helmet in consideration of safety and to receive a lecture on procedures and safe skiing at the "Winter Mountain Liberation Desk" set up at the resort center.Be careful not to injure yourself, consult your own abilities, and feel the exhilaration of soaring through the powder snow!

Period: ~ March 2023, 3
* Sequential release after safety confirmation
Time: 8: 30-15: 00 (last reception)
* Strict adherence to app check-out by 15:30
How to participate: Download the yukiyama app and go to the cart reception in the resort center.
The yukiyama app will tell you where you are when the patrol team arrives early or you are separated from your friends, such as when you are injured with the GPS function.

"Hoarfrost Terrace"
A superb view of the snowy mountains from an altitude of 1,088 meters
Enjoy the art of nature only in winter!

"Muhyo" created by nature in winter is a natural art that can only be seen in winter.It is a phenomenon in which moisture in the air and fog stick to trees when the temperature is between 2 and 10 degrees below zero, resulting in a spectacular view that sparkles.Its shape changes depending on the strength of the wind and the direction in which it blows, but the white ones that are not transparent are very fragile, and of course they can be easily broken by strong winds or sunlight.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu's "Rime Terrace" is a hot spot where you can take your time looking at the ephemeral and beautiful rime.Located on the mountain "Tomamu Mountain" on the left side from the bottom of the slope, 13 minutes after riding the gondola, you can see the superb view created by Tomamu's climate.Since you can go by gondola instead of a lift, even those who do not snowboard or ski can access with warm clothes and snowshoes.It is a place where even those who are not good at snowboarding can come across the beauty of the snowy mountains.

At the adjoining "Kumo Cafe", there are many exciting original menus, such as the "rime coffee" that is offered only during the period when the rime terrace is open.In addition, you can enjoy a memorable time while looking at the rime ice with the chocolate "rime chocolate" which imaged the trees of rime.

The charm of the rime terrace
1 Enjoy the spectacular view of the snowy mountains covered with hoarfrost from the renewed observation deck

The observation deck, which was renewed in August 2021, has a structure that protrudes into the snowy mountains, so you can see the hoarfrost up close.The winter scenery created by the hoarfrost that spreads as far as the eye can see is exceptional.In the morning when the temperature is low, you can see glittering diamond dust, and you can enjoy the spectacular view of the hoarfrost even more.The probability of hoarfrost occurring is as high as about 8% (*70), so you can appreciate it with a high probability throughout the season.
(*1) Average rime occurrence rate at the rime terrace (2021/22 survey by Hoshino Resorts Tomamu)

An observation deck built to protrude from the mountain.You can enjoy the view as if you were floating in the sky and the hoarfrost that you can see up close.
The blue sky on a sunny day with clear air and the pure white snowy mountains covered with hoarfrost are spectacular views unique to cold regions.

Enjoy a 200m walking trail in the snowy mountains with a spectacular view
A walking course of about 200m to the unique cloud-shaped observation deck "Cloud Walk" and the observatory spot "Cloud Bar" which has the image of a bar counter.
A promenade like a cloud

"Hoarfrost Terrace"
Period: Until March 2023, 3
Price: Round-trip gondola 2,200 JPY for adults, 1,300 JPY for elementary school students (both incl. tax)
*Free for guests staying at The Tower and RISONARE Tomamu
[~ March 2022, 3]
9:00~15:30 (Last boarding at Gondola Sanroku Station), 16:00 (Last boarding at Gondola Summit Station)
Kumo Cafe 15:30 (last order)
Target: Available for both overnight guests and day-trippers
Remarks: Depending on the weather conditions, hoarfrost may not occur or operations may be canceled.
Hoarfrost chocolate 1,000 yen (tax included, limited quantity)

<Declaration of the highest level of corona measures>

At all Hoshino Resorts, including Hoshino Resort Tomamu, we have taken thorough measures against corona in consideration of health and public health in order to enjoy traveling safely as part of measures against corona.
>>Please see here for measures for Hoshino Resort Tomamu
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