Introducing clothing that uses the CORK SHELL fabric used for the top model of HOLDEN.

Wear using the high-performance material CORK SHELL made by Sholar.What is Sholar? A Swiss textile manufacturer founded in 1867.In its innovative material products and special processing technology, it is recognized as one of the world's leading achievements and trust. The innovation of stretch materials was made in the development of ski wear materials in the 1960s, and since then, its technology and various products have been praised not only by many sports and apparel manufacturers in the world, but also by many companies and industries.


High-performance wear with ease of movement and comfort using fabric made from wine cork
Corkshell Summit Jacket
PRICE: ¥ 98,000
Published colors: BURNT ORANGE (3 colors in total)

C-CHANGE technology is a membrane that controls the moisture in the clothes due to changes in the amount of exercise and maintains comfort.When the amount of water is high (sweat a lot), the humidity inside the clothes is lowered, and when the amount of water is low, the heat retention is maintained without letting in the outside air. CORKSHELL material is a highly functional material that has the functions of [4WAY stretch], "breathability", "water repellency", "moisture permeability", "temperature control", "windproof" and "wear resistance" made from cork without using chemicals. material.

Corkshell Summit Bib
PRICE: ¥ 68,000
Published colors: STONE GREEN (2 colors in total)
The hem is made of durable CORDURA material. Adopts C-CHANGE, CORK SHELL technology like JACKET.Excellent high-performance pants that allow you to immerse yourself in riding from the backcountry to the slopes.

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