Hodaigi Ski Resort summit

From the 2017-2018 season, the highwater crew will also be writing a blog page.Thank you.

Today, I would like to tell you about Minakami Town Hodaigi Ski Resort.

2017/12/23 Hodaigi Ski Resort Mountaintop Lift 9th Quad has opened.
From the top of the Hodaigi Ski Resort, you can overlook the mountains on the prefectural border with Niigata Prefecture, including the mountain "Tanigawadake" that represents Minakami Town.

IMG_0188There is still little snow this season, but a big cold wave is scheduled to come toward the end of the year, and powder snow and the course are expected to be fully opened.
Among them, the 9th quad lift course is popular for its variety of terrain, powder on the non-compacted snow course, and long cruising on the central Naruhira course.

IMG_0151And from this season, a new cafe where you can drink crepes, hot sandwiches, fresh coffee, etc. has opened on the mountaintop.The name of the shop is "Sky Terrace Asahi".

IMG_0167Inside the store, gears used in snowy mountains are on display, making it a stylish and scenic space.
We recommend crepes made with local apples and wild grapes, and homemade beef jerky.
Please do not miss it when you come to Hodaigi.

IMG_0288text: Yamato Maehara

photo: Keiichiro Natsume



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