Freestyle model "ALLIAN / DAMAGE, GRIND" which is popular all over the world and is highly evaluated for gratri.

DAMAGE (left)
SIZE: 147, 150, 153, 155
PRICE: ¥ 73,700

GRIND (right)
SIZE: 151, 153, 155
PRICE: ¥ 61,600

ALLIAN is a brand that has a history of more than 20 years with riders.We have produced one after another the high-level snowboards that riders demand from the structure and concept that introduced the best materials and advanced technology.In particular, the flagship series PRISM has gained tremendous support from top riders for its excellent gliding performance and a sense of stability in tricks.
Among the many lineups, the ones that are very popular with Japanese snowboarders these days are the DAMAGE and GRIND models, which have excellent performance in gratis and jib.

"DAMAGE" is lightweight, soft flex, and has a twin-tip shape with a 4mm mid camber, which is the greatest feature of high stability in jib items and excellent balance performance when tricks are set.The waist width is set slightly narrower and the side curve is set slightly deeper for adaptability from carving to free riding. The sole uses the sintered base IS7610, which has high hardness, and is resistant to scratches and wet snow in early spring. But I run a lot.With a sense of stability at high speed and quick repulsion, the control performance when jumping is also good, so the ability at the park is also top level and it surely responds to the demands of advanced players.STONE FINISH takes twice as long as usual, and the carefully grooved sole makes it possible to speed up even on wet snow in early spring. With DAMAGE, orchid tricks such as the tricks from carving that are popular these days are interesting.The cool graphics of the deck sole that matches the model name and the perfect image are also likely to be popular.

On the other hand, "GRIND" is a board suitable for low to medium speed tricks set to soft flex rather than DAMAGE.The response of the board is also good, and it is a model that can quickly back up the progress of beginners aiming to improve the skill of Gratley. Like DAMAGE, it has a 4mm mid camber specification, so there is little catching on the edges, and you can feel the power feeling peculiar to camber, and you can slide firmly.The price is more reasonable than DAMAGE, but it has the performance to meet the needs of not only snowboarders who play hard with gratri and jibbing, but also advanced parkers who want stylish sliding.

It can be said that it is a cost performance model that can be developed because ALLIAN has continued to make high quality snowboards while introducing the latest technology for both DAMAGE and GRIND.Also, ALLIAN has a very beautiful board finish.And it has excellent durability.This season, let's master Gratley Jib with ALLIAN's board.


4mm mid camber with DAMAGE on the top and GRIND on the bottom.Generates the repulsive force required for tricks such as gratri and park, and accurate edging provides sufficient stability at high speeds.

Nose and tail with well-balanced performance that balances running performance in free riding and repulsive force when performing tricks

The sole of DAMAGE is STONE FINISH, and it has such a beautiful and narrow groove.Thanks to this groove, excellent speed performance can be demonstrated even in wet snow in early spring.

GRIND is equipped with a short contact length and a square-shaped nose with an emphasis on maneuverability, and it has an outstanding sense of stability when performing tricks.

GRIND deck design with glitter and glitter.The beauty of the finish is also the charm of ALLIAN

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