High-speed compatible model "ART JUMPER" with even higher carving performance of ARTISTE_NOVEMBER snowmaterial

Necessary for jumping and high speed carving
The strongest twin tip with strong repulsive force

NOVEMBER snowmaterial
SIZE; 150, 152, 154
PRICE: ¥ 84,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 92,400 (tax included)

"ART JUMPER" is a model that specializes in repulsion performance based on ARTISTE's excellent kinetic performance. Flex, which is more elastic than ARTISTE, enables high jumps as its name suggests, and also has a sense of stability in landing.The carving performance is also higher, and it demonstrates high control performance due to its supple torsion as well as stability at high speeds.

NOVEMBER's lightest ULTRA LIGHT FM2 CORE is used for the core.By finishing the entire board lightly, it demonstrates ease of handling during sliding and light spin performance.By adopting FULL CAMBER, which has a strong repulsive force for the camber shape, the repulsive force is greatly improved, and it has succeeded in drawing out the height even at the railroad crossing of the air.Similar to ARTISTE, the shape of the nose and tail has been changed to a square shape in the new model to improve stability.Furthermore, the arc of the side curve has been updated to the latest shape that combines 5 to 7, improving the edge grip force.

It is a high-end model of ARTISTE that adopts a 2x6 versatile insert hole capable of various stance wides and fully meets the needs of experts aiming for a higher-grade slip even in powder and free riding.
Adopts FULL CAMBER like ARTISTE.It has a strong repulsive force, good carving performance, and sufficient height for jumping.
The side curve combines seven arcs and increases the contact points of the edges to improve the edge grip and improve adaptability in all burns.
Built-in APA PLATE TYPE2 EVO at your feet.It produces various merits such as torsion control, durability of feet, and a sense of stability.

> Pre-emptive gear special feature
>The strongest all-round board "ARTISTE" with slopestyle and adaptability in a wide range of freestyles
>That double camber model that shook the gratri world is reprinted "DESIRE W"
>"ICE ROCKER" with short wide + rocker shape that enables outstanding buoyancy and handling with powder

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