Introducing the new "BACKCITY" that allows you to enjoy high-speed cruising in powder and comfortable carving in compacted snow_NOVEMBERsnowmaterial

Easy to handle even though the nose has been changed to a long one.
New shape unique to NOVEMBER

New models are appearing one after another in ALL MOUNTAIN POWDER compatible models.

NOVEMBER is a brand that continues to make high-performance models that are compatible with a variety of snowboarding styles, including freestyle models. Since its launch in 2002 as an in-house brand of OGASAKA FACTORY, it has gained many fans and is gaining popularity as a highly reliable domestic snowboard brand.

Although the core of the brand is freestyle, they have recently expanded their lineup of freeride models based on their own unique concepts. A new model will be released as ``ALL MOUNTAIN POWDER compatible'' that allows you to enjoy powder and carving, as well as the ease of handling that allows you to handle freestyle movements unique to NOVEMBER. The freeride model, which takes advantage of NOVEMBER's specialty freestyle performance, has an appeal not found in other brands.

The long nose greatly improves buoyancy and increases overall sliding power.

Those who know the conventional "BACKCITY" will immediately notice that the shape has changed significantly. Adopts a long nose to increase buoyancy in powder. It gives the impression that the nose is much more pointed than before. This shape reduces resistance in powder turns and improves speed performance. It has a tapered shape from the long nose to the tail, and the side curves are also slightly deeper. The pintail allows for flexible control in the powder. The narrow tail shape tends to cause the tail to drift easily when turning on a compacted snow slope, but by making the side curve near the tail a little tighter, the tail will grip without drifting and you can enjoy beautiful carving turns.

Also, the snow contact length is designed to be a little shorter than previous models, so you can feel the board's maneuverability compared to its length. Moreover, it is very light because it uses NOVEMBER's proprietary ULTRA LIGHT FM2 core. It is definitely a very lightweight and easy-to-handle board in the so-called powder board category. With this control performance, you may choose to go one size up and get even stronger buoyancy.

There are many scenes that BACKCITY is good at, from dynamic turns that take advantage of its speed in powder, to natural jumps, light turns, and carving in compacted snow. If you have the impression that powder boards are long and heavy, this is a board you should definitely try.BACKCITYwill easily overturn that image.

Powder camber shape with rocker nose and low camber underfoot. In compacted snow, the deep sidecut allows the edges to firmly grip the snow surface even with low camber.
The nose shape is considerably sharper and longer than the conventional model. Generates maximum flotation in powder, minimizes resistance in turns, and delivers high speed performance.
The tapered shape results in a smaller tail, but by setting the sidecut near the tail a little tighter, you can stabilize turns without the tail drifting.
The side curve is deeper than the conventional model, but the snow contact length is shorter, making it easier to maneuver.
It's not just a white deck. The surface treatment is a glossy clear coating with glitter, giving a sense of the high quality that can only be expected from a domestic brand.

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