High resilience while being soft flex with a unique structure.The strongest lineup that leads the cutting-edge gratri scene ~ NOVEMBER snowmaterial / DX4, D4

Speaking of NOVEMBER's "D4", it has a full twin structure and has a flexible flex pattern, but it has high resilience, and it is gaining popularity as a standard model for riding gratri and jib that supports ground tricks and delicate board control of jib. model.The D4 has been further upgraded to soft flex this season and upgraded to a model that is easy for entry users to handle along with flexible support for various tricks such as Gratley and Jib.The D4, which has a symmetrical structure in both shape and internal structure, has excellent controllability with a switch, and the glass fiber used on the top surface of the board is set softer than the sole side with the core sandwiched between the top surface and the top surface. By making a difference in the elastic modulus of the lower surface, it has both the characteristics of high resilience while being soft flex, and brings out the ease of tricks.Such skillful upgrades are the strength of a domestic brand that can be completely developed and manufactured in-house, and the precise structure and quick response to the needs of users can be said to be the appeal of NOVEMBER.
And with this upgrade of D4, "DX4" with new charm was added to the series. The DX4 is a model with improved trick performance at higher speeds than the D4. Although it is a soft flex that inherits the internal structure of D4, it has sufficient repulsive force, it is easy to perform tricks in the high speed range that makes use of speed from the carving turn, and the stability of the turn is also excellent.By introducing the FREE CAMBER SYSTEM to the shape of DESIRE, which is highly evaluated as a high-end model of the Gratley series, it is easy to ride and it is effective for the movement of the press and the riding system.In addition, the FLASH GRIP SIDECUT, which is very well-established in NOVEMBER's Gratley Jib series, is adopted, and the grip power of the feet is increased by combining large and small arcs with a wavy edge line.
DX4 adds free riding performance to D4 to bring out the performance to handle runs and tricks smartly.
Both D4 and DX4 are equipped with DUCK PLATE (TYPE4) at the feet, which has both impact resistance and flexible suspension.The effect of the plate improves the degree of freedom between the suspension and the stance, makes it easier to control each of the left and right feet independently, and enhances the ability to respond to tricks.Since the board has a built-in plate, the board has twin-tip settings for toe side and heel side, but the rider can reverse the direction with regular and goofy to maximize the performance.There is no doubt that these excellent board performances will greatly support your technology.
Let's actively challenge new tricks with the cutting-edge model that NOVEMBER sends out with confidence.
NOVEMBER snowmaterial
SIZE: 138, 142, 146, 147, 150, 152, 154
(138-146 is LADIES'MODEL)
PRICE: ¥ 80,000
SIZE: 138, 142, 146, 147, 150, 152, 154
(138-146 is LADIES'MODEL)
PRICE: ¥ 77,000

FREE CAMBER SYSTEM that has good turn stability based on the camber shape and demonstrates its ability during tricks

By setting FREE CONTACT ZONE (flat part) on the nose and tail part, it is easier to move the press and riding system.

(Left) DUCK PLATE (TYPE4) built into your feet, (Right) Carbon ribbon placed on the nose and tail create sufficient repulsive force during tricks

By adopting FLASH GRI PSID ECUT with an oversized arc at the feet, the grip power of the feet is increased, and the stability of the turn and the instantaneous edging force required for invoking and finishing the trick are enhanced.

Since it has a built-in plate, there are front and rear settings on the board even though it is a twin tip.Bring out the best performance by reversing the direction of use by regular and goofy

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