Higashida Tomohiro's music video premiere for the limited-edition single "Owarinakitabi" released on October XNUMX.

Higashida Tomohiro continues his journey to surf, snowboard, and live a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, and deliver songs to places where there are people with the same mindset.
A sensitive person may have heard his singing voice somewhere.

Even in various places where we snowboarders gather, we have performed many live performances, connected with the locals, and gave us hope and courage for tomorrow.

Tomohiro Higashida has completed a new song that describes the feeling he felt while traveling all over the country.

The name is "Endless Journey".

We will deliver the music video ahead of the limited release on October 2019, 10.
This work was created with the next generation creators.Please pay attention to the innovative filming technology, the real life and peaceful world view that you can feel from his journey.

"Endless Journey" Music Video

Higashida Tomohiro Official Site

Movie Production: New Peaks