Happy Holidays Gift from Burton

A happy holiday gift from Burton that reaches you every year at this time of the year as you work in the industry.Sometimes it's a front door mat, a camping tongs set, and a little surprising, but I'm glad to receive it every year.Under such circumstances, the book that arrived this year was a heavy binding book called "HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE-JAKE".
In 2019, it is a photo album that you can look back on the history of Jake Burton himself who died 2 years old in November two years ago and Burton, which can be said to be the growth process of snowboarding, with photos.
Having been involved in editing magazines for many years, I've seen some of the photos in it, and I felt very nostalgic, but some of them are interesting photos and handwritten notes that I see for the first time. There were many, and I was drawn into the structure that made me feel deeply moved to turn the page.
This is a complete book that collects the passion of those who lived with Jake.It feels like the one and only happy holiday gift I've ever received.