Handmade: TAKARA: Training board

Minakami on the weekend.

Under the guidance of Mr. Ht-CRAFT Hotta, the handmade TAKARA training board = (acronym for Takaradaigi Ski Resort) is being completed.

I was wondering whether to put letters and logos in the design of the top sheet ...

Expressed only with simple geometric patterns of MofM standard graphics.

Finally, I will ask Niigata Slick House for a tune-up.

Near completion.I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of ride it will be ... I hope to be able to test drive at the same time as the Hodaigi Ski Resort opens.

It would be nice if it could be completed with a ride that feels like an image.

Also, I already have a board in my head to use & imagine after training with this training board.

A board that is gentle, safe, deep, and allows you to enter the mountain in the style you want to do.

It is not a board for sliding, but a board for acting in the mountains.

I want to make it soon ...

It will take some time, but I am hoping to release a unique board from Gunma in the future.

And above all, how to enjoy your own snowy mountains, what you need there.

"Reason, meaningful thing"

Please look forward to it.

From Fukuyama in Minakami.