Hakuba Backcountry Report

Hakuba Backcountry Snowboard Report

The Hakuba area is adjacent to a vast area and many ski resorts, each with its own character.

It is also an area loved by skiers and snowboarders all over the world as Hakuba Valley.

The condition is like a combination of the wonderful snow quality of Japan and the alpine terrain overseas.

It will be a good reason for riders from all over the world to visit.

This time, we asked Yuu Takeo, a guide club specializing in backcountry tours centered around Hakuba Village, to report on Hakuba backcountry this season.


Hakuba area located in the northern part of the Northern Alps.

There are many big mountains with 3000m-class mountains, and probably you can't slide all the lines even if you enter the mountains on a daily basis.

The charm of the backcountry in this area is dotted with places that beginners, advanced players, and men and women of all ages can enjoy.

Hakuba has mountains from Omachi to Itoigawa, and you can enjoy it in any condition as long as it doesn't rain.

Gentle, steep open burns, tree runs, terrain play, cliffs, backcountry from lift access, satoyama, long season until late May ...

It is also attractive that many places can be visited on a day trip.

There is no doubt that many powder junkies from home and abroad have visited Hakuba in recent years.

Hakuba is a great location for skiing and snowboarding.



The amount of snowfall increased steadily from the beginning of the season this year, and the backcountry season began at the end of the year.

At the same time, foreigners enter Hakuba, and on weekdays in January and February, there are more foreigners on the slopes and backcountry areas?I think that.

It is no exaggeration to say that Hakuba Mountain has been attracting attention from all over the world in recent years.

That Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice should have been satisfied too !?

Of course, many snowboarders and skiers come from Japan.

Many backcountry snowboarders and skiers rely on what is called "THE DAY"!


Hakuba is different charactrt than Niseko. But the number of overseas people is getting more for every season



"THE DAY" has only a few days in the season.

There is no doubt that it will be a memorable one if you slip on such a day with a dry powder that is windless and sunny and the temperature is low!

I myself have experienced it for several days this year, but I remember everything vividly.

This year's Hakuba is in the best condition with constant snowfall from the start of the season to mid-January.

From late January to early February, it didn't snow as I expected and I felt a little lonely for the high season.

However, even in such a case, you can ask for powder in the backcountry area.

After that, heavy snowfall in the Kanto region overlapped on weekends for two consecutive weeks, and people were sparse on the slopes and mountains.


It seemed to be a bit “less” snowfall, but from the beginning of season was great.


March felt a little less snow than usual, but it was enough for the backcountry.

You can enjoy the backcountry even after the powder season is over.

The coming season, corn snow!

It's time to go farther than usual and stay in a tent or a mountain lodge.

There is always something interesting to feel when you put yourself in nature.

The weather is nice, but nature is entertaining even if it's not so bad.


Hakuba has such a potential like this. If we do not tell this is Hakuba, you might not think this is Hakuba.


Every day, they learn from nature and grow.

That's why I can't stop backcountry.

However, as you know, backcountry is a play that involves danger.

The number of people who enter the mountain without any knowledge or equipment has decreased considerably, but it is not "0".

Unfortunately, some people died in the avalanche in the Hakuba area this season as well.

There is no absolute safety in the mountains.

No matter how much you study, you may end up in an avalanche, but I think the probability is low.

Snow is that difficult.


Do you have safety gear? If not, no one save your life and you can not save anyone.



When I'm fascinated by powder, I think it's natural that many people want to go to uncompressed snow areas and long powder runs.

It's too dangerous to suddenly try backcountry on your own.

It's best to rely on a fairly experienced person or a mountain guide.

Experience points are important in the backcountry, and you will learn how to use the equipment so that you can enjoy it safely.

The higher the experience value, the more enjoyable it is.


If you do not know anything about Hakuba, We suggest back country tour is one of the option.


I myself want to tell customers every day while doing the guide business.

"Humility in nature"

I learned a lot from nature, good and bad, and experienced it.

I went on the path of a guide to safely convey it to as many people as possible.

Furthermore, let's carve the best line in the best place of the day!

There are endless ways to play in the backcountry.

We look forward to seeing you all in the field of Hakuba someday!

Yuu Takeo Profile



Born in Nagoya

A 20-something who has acquired a professional qualification with a snowboard cross, but has faced the mountains on a daily basis to become a backcountry guide rather than a rider activity.

Based on the experience cultivated as a guide for about 10 years, he launched the backcountry guide club "Bamboo tail" in Hakuba in 2012.

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・ Ski / Snowboard Guide / Stage certified by Japan Mountain Guide Association

・ Certified by the Japan Mountain Guide Association Climbing Guide Stage ㈼

・ Shinshu mountain climbing guide

・ JAN Avalanche Level 1

・ WFA Wilderness First Aid

・ Japanese Red Cross Society First Aid

・ Hakuba Meister

・ Former JSBA professional snowboarder

How was it?

You could have a glimpse of some of Hakuba's beauty in the photos, and you should have found that the snowy mountains are not 100% safe.

However, it is also a fact that it is a shortcut to get the most safe and enjoyable day by participating in guided tours that have experience and knowledge in the area and continue daily operations.

Bantei-Bamboo tail-Specializes in backcountry tours centered around Hakuba Village

About the guide club Click here for more information.から

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