A rare ski resort with almost all non-compacted snow / Hakkoda Ropeway Ski Resort

I'm Okaken, the slope director.


This time, I went to shoot at Hakkoda Ropeway Ski Resort in Aomori Prefecture for the first time in late March last season. I slipped powder even in March ~

Participants were Ryoma Hosaka & local Kazuo Watanabe

hakkoda-3Hakkoda Ropeway Ski Resort is a matter of course, but the ropeway will take you to the area with rime at once.

hakkoda5The ropeway runs like one every 20 minutes.

hakkoda17In the high season, I want to see the gondola full.

hakkoda15Ropeway landing. It's March, so there seems to be little snow on the walls and railings.

hakkoda16It seems that it is fluffy in the high season.

hakkoda14The view outside the ropeway landing.The rime on the trees was much smaller.I wanted to see the rime on a sunny day, Mt. Iwaki and the sea.



Now, let's talk about the slope composition of the Hakkoda Ropeway.There are two courses, a direct course 3.5km and a forest course 5km.The course is almost entirely non-compacted snow.Since the end of the direct course joins the ski resort called Hakkoda Park, only the last gentle slope is covered with snow.

hakkoda7Direct course sign

hakkoda13Forest course sign.Basically, a sign like this is stuck on the course and Paul is stuck on the course, so I will slide with that as a mark.

hakkoda2It is like this.Hakkoda Ropeway Ski Resort is described as a ski resort, but it is an extremely rare ski resort with non-compacted snow and simple landmarks on the course.

hakkoda8The upper part has irregularities made of snow and wind like this.There is also a tree hall near the trees, so it is better not to get too close.When the visibility is poor, you may not be able to see 30m ahead, or the wind may exceed 20m.

hakkoda9But it eats powder.

hakkoda3There is also swell.It gets rough over time, but it just eats powder.

The forest course will get stuck if you ride the first snowboard after heavy snow.The movements of skiers and others are also important here.

hakkoda10hakkoda11hakkoda4It's a long course to slip one.

hakkoda12After slipping a few, my legs became fluffy.But it was a great time.

By the way, Hakkoda's backcountry can easily enter without your knowledge, so if you are not confident in your gliding skills, please be careful when riding.


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