The ski resort will be temporarily closed for XNUMX days from April XNUMXth (Monday) to XNUMXth (Thursday) due to the maintenance of the slopes.

【It is an important announcement.
Tomorrow, the ski resort will be temporarily closed for 4 days from April 25th (Monday) to 28th (Thursday) to maintain the slopes of the "Rainbow 4 Upper" along the 2nd Quad Lift.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
Business will resume on April 4th (Friday).
Before the temporary closing from tomorrow, we held "Adults Gather! Deco Treasure Hunt" at the top of the gondola today.This event for junior high school students and older and up to XNUMX years old was a laid-back mood in spring, and I enjoyed worshiping.Since there was little snow, it was difficult to hide the treasure.In addition to accommodation tickets and lift tickets for the coming season, the participants also became [smiling] with prizes that were full of life, such as seasoning sets and soup base.
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