Great success at off-train facilities!Recommended for summer wax

Around this time, I'm moving away from the snow and forgetting the tricks I learned this season.How about snowboarding this summer off-season? It may be good to practice tricks for the new season at facilities in various places such as KINGS, QUEST, and BAG JUMP.Brush wax specially formulated for brush facilities is very useful in such cases.This time, I will teach you how to apply such brush wax.

You can practice JIB items at SNOVA such as SUPER JIB DAY at SNOVA Shin-Yokohama the other day.At the jump-off training facility, you can practice in an environment where you are less likely to get injured by air mat landing.Wax for summer slopes is recommended at such a brush facility!
Waxing XNUMX
Because it's a brush, you don't have to apply wax ...It's completely different, it's the difference between painting and not painting.Even though I went to practice with much effort, if I practiced without applying wax and the original speed did not come out, the speed of improvement would only slow down
I want you to practice with a board that runs properly.Wax specially formulated for brushes It has a very special function.
Lecture on the points of wax for brushes

★ First, let's remove the dirty wax
・ Easy to peel off while melting with a hot iron

★ How to apply summer wax
・ The temperature of the iron is 110-120 degrees
・ Drip more wax than normal slope waxing
・ Let's apply thickly and firmly to the sliding surface

★ Let's slip

This is perfect for waxing on the summer slopes!
Let's capture the brush with the running sole and learn the NEW trick!

Wax used this time
Matsumoto wax
150g ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax)