@ Grand Hirafu Ski Resort vol.2 Mari Mizukami's "Backcountry Slope"

This project is to introduce a backcountry-like slope.It was triggered by many comments such as "I want to ski outside the ski resort" and "I wonder if I should climb the snowy mountains alone" to me who is skiing in the backcountry.

Even if you are taken to a backcountry guide, you can only rely on your skills to slide on tree runs and deep snow.First of all, it is a project that I started with the desire to introduce backcountry-like slopes all over the country in order to hone my skills on the backcountry-like slopes and take steps to gain experience.

The last time I took a picture at Gran Hirafu Ski Resort by myself,

This time, we had to have a session with two riders in a hurry.

Manabu Nagata, a local living in Niseko.

And Shin Miyajima who is active in the world.

This was the first time I had slipped with these two people.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of skiing will be shown on this vast backcountry slope.

The vast slopes of the Grand Hirafu ski area.It's like sliding down a whole mountain.


Gaku was just the other day in Niseko's backcountry sanctuary.

I met him at Iwaonupuri and met him.

We just skated on the eastern side of Iwao together.I knew it before,

It was my first time to meet in a snowy mountain.

If anything, I've only seen him drunk at a bar.

I didn't think it would look good in the sun.


And Shin-kun was attending Niseko by that student.

I'm lucky to have a session with these two at Grand Hirafu.

It was very interesting to see which slope and how to slide.

The snow was light and the sun was occasionally shining on this day as well.It's a great day to shoot.


If you increase the speed, the powder will increase further.The snow quality of Grand Hirafu is worth slipping. MARI

The free run after getting off the lift stimulated their skill.

Regardless of gender, age, or birthplace

As soon as you slide together on the snow, a sense of companionship grows.

This is also one of the attractions of snowboarding.

As the same shooting member

So that you can slide smoothly at the point you are aiming for

Communicate detailed information such as how the landing feels.

Kuniko Miyajima's indie grab with style.

Shin-kun can easily jump over the slope with just one ollie.

Jumping over here wasn't in my image.

"Is it possible to fly this way on this slope?"

I was allowed to make a new discovery.

The points to choose depending on the rider are different,

By knowing the point selection

A new image will spring up within me.


Nagata Manabu's mute grab.It was a smooth jump.

Gaku-san is the same Goofy, so he had a session.

The point I was aiming for was similar.

But while I'm looking for a slope with as few lines as possible

"I used to be like that, but

It's embarrassing to slip on the notebook now. "

I was saying.

Why is it embarrassing? .. ..

I don't understand, but

I've been snowboarding for 10 years, so maybe I've skated a lot of no-tracks.

If I skated for 10 years, the feeling would be different, but

I feel like I'm sticking to a notebook for the rest of my life and slipping.

Riders' sensibilities are also interesting because they are different for each person.

Surrounded by trees, you can even hear the singing of small birds.It's a ski resort like a backcountry.


I continued to search for a place where powder was likely to remain with local students.

There were still places in the forest.

After finding the point, I continued shooting.

Overhead powder rises easily just by slipping.
No matter where you cut it, the powder stays up all the time.

When the shooting was approaching in the second half,

Shin-kun found a mash jump and said, "Oh, I'll fly."

When I jump, I spend some time doing image training

I thought it was something to breathe, check the landing, and fly, but ...

I prepared it quickly and made it quickly.

I landed lightly with a melancholic love with the style of the front 360.


Shin Miyajima's front side 360 ​​melancholy love with style.

To be honest, it was quite shocking to me.

Shin-kun has been free-running on the regular slopes

Maybe because I was flying and spinning around, I was making lightly with this mash.

After all, I usually do it, so I can do it immediately with a mash.

I was reminded of the obvious.

Get used to jumping and spinning.I also thought that I would consciously incorporate it in the future.


You can be healed just by looking at the snow that has fallen on the trees.


If you slide with a different member, you will get a different sensibility.

It's not a particularly snow-packed burn,

It feels even more so on the slopes where non-compacted snow powder snow is piled up.

The shape of the mash and the slope of the landing are not the same.

Influenced by the two, I was motivated to get better.

Snowboarding doesn't get tired even after many years, it's really deep.

Often noticed every year.


Niseko's Japow can only be tasted here.

Snowboard boards and bindings,

Boots, goggles, wear, gloves. .. ..Anyway

It is being improved and evolved every year.

And the level of technology of SNOWBOARDER and others continues to evolve.

You may feel that it is deep because there is no goal.

It is unique to Niseko that you can enjoy the feeling of coming out of the snow.

This time, because I slipped with this member

It was an opportunity to think about the history and evolution of snowboarding.

And on the slopes like backcountry

It's not just that it's fun to slip

I think that you will be able to think a lot about nature such as snow, wind, terrain, and the spacing between trees.

"Yesterday the wind was northwest, so it looks like snow has accumulated on that slope."

"Today's visibility is poor, so a tree run would be good."

After gaining this kind of experience on a slope close to the backcountry,

I think it would be very useful if I actually skated in the backcountry.



At a ski resort like this

If you gain experience, even when you actually go to the backcountry

You will be able to glide smoothly.

But no matter how smooth you can slide

When you actually go to the backcountry

With basic equipment,

We recommend that you have a backcountry guide guide you.

No one can beat a natural opponent.


That is why I think it is important to always learn with respect and humility.

Ski resorts close to nature like Niseko's Grand Hirafu

I think it's a shortcut to get closer to such a backcountry.

I also wanted to go skiing at the Grand Hirafu ski area next season.

After all, the Grand Hirafu ski resort has been around for many years.

It was the best slope like backcountry.




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Mari Mizukami Snowboarding history 26 years

GNU snowboards, Norrona, Drakebindings ,Northwaveboots, Spy goggle, Hestra gloves

Goofy stance F21 R3  51.5 cm


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