Slope at a ski resort with good timing and good terrain / Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort, Gunma Prefecture



Date and time:Mid January 2020 / Weather: sunny / Snow quality: After fresh snow, a little potash under the fresh snow

This time, the Numata area in Gunma prefecture, which is close to the Kanto region "Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort" I'd like to introduce_______Although I slipped on good snow, it was a very interesting ski resort, from large terrain to small swells.Because it was a popular ski resort and holiday, waiting for a lift became longer in the daytime, but the main course was crowded and there were many vacant courses, so I was able to fully enjoy it.

The person who participated this time was Director Knowy.“Shinji Sato”.

“Romance course” It's still a shadow in the morning.

"Slalom course"From the lift.It looks good today.

First,"Hotaka Skyway"So it was non-compacted snow that day“Training course”Access to. 

Please note that the entrance is narrow and difficult to understand.

Snow often gets a no-track!
There was a place where there was light snow, probably because of the wind.

next“Expert course”What.
This is a large and gentle swamp terrain.Thanks to the fresh snow, I was able to play with the whole thing.

To the 6th lift of happiness, the slope top.

Slope"6th slope"..The course width will gradually narrow.Skiers are fast, so be careful behind them.

The lower part is followed by a regular wall.

"Hotaka Skyway"Join to the bottom of the slope. 

Finally, a slope with a slope again.I was able to slide on the fresh snow that still remains.

"Hotaka Skyway"Beginner detour course to enter from.
There is also a wall here.This is a sunny surface, so I think the snow will get worse sooner.

Beginner detour course last burn

"1th slope"At the bottom of the course is another interesting course with large regular walls.

The snow was in good condition thanks to the shadow of the trees. 

"Osawa course".It is a course with the name of Sawa, but please note that the upper part is not a swamp terrain.The wall will come out from the second half.

"Osawa course"A detour that joins.This is a nice Goofy wall.

“Romance course”There are many people, but the cruising of the terrain was comfortable. 

It was hit by snow, the terrain was good, and I kept slipping without getting bored."Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort"..I was able to meet another interesting ski resort in the Numata area.
If you have a chance, please come.


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