[Children's snowboarding Q & A] I'm glad I knew about snowboarding.

"Children's Snowboard Q & A" -Snowboarding Naninaze that I'm glad I knew-

Information on snowboarding for adults can be found on the Internet and in magazines.However, there is very little information on snowboarding for children.Therefore, fathers and mothers of the world are full of snowboarding gimons for children.Furthermore, it seems that children who love snowboarding may not know much.
The simple questions about snowboarding that I can't ask now are surprisingly hard to ask.SBN answers questions about children's snowboard gear and snowboarding that junior high school students care about.


"Question from a mother with a boy in the first grade of elementary school"


Q: Are the boards and boots sold at the store so different from the rental?

Kids snowboarding

Just because it's for rental doesn't mean it's a bad thing.Snowboards, boots and bindings made specifically for rental, such as Burton's LTR, are perfect for kids starting snowboarding.It is easier to use, less likely to fall, and easier to turn.However, there are rental gears that have been used for many years in the world, and there are things that are hard to say that they support improvement, so be careful.

Q: Is there any snowboard wear that suits your child's growth?

Children's wear

Burton clothing is equipped with a Room-To-Grow system that allows you to extend the length of your sleeves and hem as needed.You can wear it for several seasons, so you can rest assured.

Q: How many years can a child's snowboard set last?

Children's boots

It will be faster to buy a new one to keep up with your child's growth than to consume the product.For example, for boots, Burton's Room-To-Grow footbed allows for one size expansion.Remove one footbed layer to keep up with your child's growth.

Q: What should I wear in my clothing?

Children's inner

Snowboards often sweat, so it's best to wear a quick-drying base layer that absorbs sweat efficiently and dries quickly.We also recommend designs that make you feel happy, such as Marvel, Frozen, etc., while having excellent quick-drying and breathable properties.

Q: The snowboard I got from an acquaintance is about 10 cm longer than my child's height. Should I stop doing this?

Children's snowboard comparison

I can't say anything because I don't know the specific height and weight, but it's dangerous for children to control the board, so don't do it.

Q: Please tell me how to put a snowboard well when going by car.

Children's snowboard case

Adult board cases are on sale, so you can store your child's board set with the adult's board case and you won't hurt the inside of the car.

Q: How old have you been selling snowboard sets?

Kids snowboard boots mini size

At BURTON KIDS'RIGLET PARK, you can experience snowboarding from the age of three.Burton's Mini Grom boots start at 3 cm.

Q: Which is better for children's gloves, finger type or mittens?

Kids snowboard mitten gloves

I think it's okay for children to choose the one that is easy to use, but for children who prefer the freedom of their fingers, the glove type is better.In terms of ease of installation, it is a mittens type.If you choose something that is easy to put your hands on from the cuffs, it will be easy for parents and children to do.In snowy mountains, it is easy to get snow inside when putting on and taking off gloves, and it is easy to sweat, so it is useful to have a spare.


"Question from a father who has a girl in the third grade of elementary school"


Q: What is the difference in price between expensive and cheap boards?

Child snowboarding description

Lightness, repulsive force, sole gliding performance, etc. are different.Some expensive models are not suitable for children, so consult with the shop staff and choose an easy-to-use board.

Q: I would like to buy a helmet, but how much do I need a protector?

Children's snowboard protector

I think at least a helmet is important.The next important thing is for the buttocks.Not only when you fall down, but also when you put on the binding, you often get your hips on the snow, so it's comfortable.

Q: I can't buy all the snowboard sets because they are expensive, but in what order should I buy them?

Kids snowboarding after school

Suppose you have a rental like the Burton LTR, and you're renting it and gradually arranging it ...You need comfortable and favorite outerwear first, then boots.Snowboard and binding sets like Burton's After School Special are great deals and recommended.

Q: I got an old snowboard from an acquaintance, is that okay?

Children snowboard WAX

I think it's okay if it is well maintained, but it is also possible that it has been left unattended for several years or that the sliding surface cannot slip unless it is maintained.If you are worried about it, it is safer to have it maintained at a nearby snowboard shop.Also, please be careful about the age of consumables such as binding parts.

Q: Is it okay if goggles are cheap as long as the snow doesn't get in my eyes?

Kids snowboard goggles

Considering that it will not fog and that it will fit your face, goggles that are solid to some extent are an option.Choose goggles you can trust to make your fun memories clear.


"Question from a boy in the 5th grade of elementary school"


Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?

Kids snowboard helmet

There is no rule that you have to wear a helmet on the slopes.However, it is recommended to wear a helmet as cool as Shaun White to protect your important head, which is full of fun memories with your friends and what you have studied at school.

Q: I'm 130 cm tall, how many centimeters should I choose?

Child snowboard height 130 cm

We recommend around 110 cm, but in reality weight is also important.By the way, if you have a 110cm board, 24kg to 35kg is a suitable weight.

Q: I'm new to snowboarding, but is it cheeky to buy a board suddenly?

Various children's snowboards

I don't think anyone would say cheeky, and if so, that person is very wrong.Because you are a beginner, you can improve faster by starting with the boards, boots, and bindings that suit you.Moreover, if you keep your favorite snowboard in the room, every day will be fun.

Q: I don't understand the meaning of whether the board is stiff or not.What's the difference?

Kids snowboard flex

There are two types of board hardness: "what you feel when you turn" and "what you feel when you move ollie".Generally, a soft plate is easier to operate.A hard board requires the strength of your foot, but the harder it is, the stronger the repulsive force, so you can get a firm edge and jump high.

Q: Should I wear a snowboard strap?

Kids snowboard strap

It's probably a leash cord that connects your legs to the board, but be sure to wear it firmly so that your important board doesn't flow so as not to bother others.Also, don't pull the leash cord and walk.

Q: Do I have to wear Beanie?

Kids snowboard beanie

You don't have to wear it, but if you don't wear a helmet, it will be a little cushion when you hit your head against the snow surface due to a fall during sliding, so it is better to wear it.Moreover, the top of the mountain is colder than I expected.If you speed up, your ears will get cold and torn, so cover it with your favorite beanie.

Q: Do snowboard boards ever break?

Kids snowboard tree

Since the contents of the snowboard are made of wood, it is possible that it will break physically.However, Burton is testing how much force the board actually breaks.Since of the experimental results and achievements, it is unlikely that it will break when sliding normally.

Q: How do I attach the binding to the board?

Kids snowboard binding

Use multiple screws to secure the board and binding.It is best to have the snowboard shop where you purchased the product first determine the binding angle and mounting position.As you slide, adjust the binding angle and position little by little to find your most slippery position.Burton has The Channel and 3D system, and it is recommended because it has a wide range of adjustment and is easy to adjust.

Q: How do you decide on regular or goofy?

Kids Snowboard Regular Goofy

Do you know your axis?Axial foot is the foot that serves as a fulcrum in soccer.For example, if it is natural to kick the ball with the right foot, the left foot will be the axis foot.In snowboarding, it is common to operate with the forefoot as the axis foot, so if you have the left foot as the axis foot, I think that there is no problem with regular with the left foot in front.However, there are exceptions, so if you actually try to slip and the opposite is slippery, please put the slippery side in front.


"Question from a girl in the second grade of junior high school"


Q: I don't know the standard length when choosing a board.How long should I buy?

Medium 2 board

There are some guidelines such as height minus 15 to 20 cm and around the chin, but the important thing is weight.Once you have decided on a reference board, each board has its own characteristics, so choose the one that suits you best.

Q: Waxing is a hassle, but do I have to do it every time?

Wax tuning

It is not necessary to wax each time, but if the sliding interval is widened, the sliding surface will not slip, it will become dry and white and fluffy, and dirt will be noticeable.If this happens, the board will not run, causing a fall and stress.There are also various variations of wax such as shape and odor.

Q: Is there any difference between ski and snowboard wear and gloves?

Girl groove

Snowboarders often have the opportunity to touch their hands or grab the board, so it is designed to accommodate them.It also features many unique designs.

Q: What is the difference between a camber board and a rocker board?

Camber locker

If you want more precise control, camber and rocker have a high degree of freedom.

Q: I was told that thick socks are good, but can I wear two socks on top of each other?

Youth socks

If you wear two socks, they will slip in the boots and cause the shoes to slip. Choose solid socks with just one piece.

Q: Snowboarding seems to be cold.Isn't it really cold when you wear clothes?

Why boots are warm

Control your sweat with the base layer, adjust the warmth with the mid layer, and shut out wind and snow from the outside with the shell.The bottom of the boots, which is the closest to the snow surface, also has something like a reflector to prevent the cold.



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