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What should you do to speed up your snowboarding progress and enjoy it comfortably?There is actually something more important than replacing your suspension gear.These are ``ensuring clear visibility'' and ``improving safety.''If you ignore these things, you won't be able to skate ``successfully'' or ``enjoyably.''

What accurate judgment and high safety bring

It goes without saying, but snowboarding involves making various decisions and moving your body based on information that comes in through your eyes.Therefore, even if you are riding a board that is suitable for the style you are aiming for, unless you can clearly see the scenery in front of you, you will not be able to make accurate decisions.Moreover, the weather on the snowy mountains changes rapidly, and the sun and shade often change one after another while skiing.On cloudy days, it may be difficult to see the unevenness of the barn or the lip of the park kicker.In order to overcome these problems, many goggle brands are currently focusing on improving the performance of high contrast lenses.High-contrast lenses are designed to emphasize specific light rays that pass through the lens, making it easier to see uneven snow and terrain. Previously, ANON only increased the contrast of blue, but after switching to the current PERCEIVE lens, the wavelength of all colors has been increased, making all objects that jump into the eye, in addition to the snow surface, more clearly. Now I can recognize it.Of course, the anti-fogging effect of lenses has also improved beyond what it was a while ago.If you haven't replaced your goggles in years, go to a store and try on a new model.Even if you're not on a snowy mountain, you'll be able to experience the high performance, comfort, and wide field of view...well, you'll probably even be impressed.
Now, in addition to ``ensuring clear visibility,'' we also want to focus on ``improving safety,'' which I mentioned at the beginning. "Most professional baseball players heal after getting injured. However, the important thing is to make adjustments on a regular basis to avoid injury. Once you get injured, it's too late."These are the words of former major leaguer Ichiro.In snowboarding, which is a seasonal sport, the "good times" are extremely limited.However, if you get injured...What's more, if you sustain a head injury, you may even be unable to carry out your daily activities.If there is an injury that can be prevented in advance, being clever is not neglecting to take measures to prevent it.That important piece of gear is the helmet.Although the rate of helmet wearing is gradually increasing in Japan, it is still overwhelmingly low compared to other countries.Still, top riders are starting to wear helmets on a daily basis, and it's no longer the case that ``helmets = heavy, clunky, and stuffy'' like in the past.In addition, safety has also improved.Examples of this are innovative impact mitigation technologies such as MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) and WAVECEL.
Improving safety should not only lead to injury prevention, but also to more aggressive riding. Now that we understand the importance of "ensuring clear visibility" and "improving safety," we will be working with shop staff who are currently using ANON out of the many goggles and helmets available to make the switch to ANON. We spoke to Kazushige Fujita, a rider who spent one season with them, about their favorite items.


Hundreds of shock absorbers are arranged in a mesh pattern, and by collapsing the mesh of the cells, it reduces the linear impact force, and at the same time reduces the impact force that tends to rotate as the cells bend and slide. can also be deflected.Although shock dispersion technology is already highly acclaimed in the bicycle industry, ANON is the only company in the snowboard industry to use it.

Why do you recommend ANON goggles and helmets?

<Shop Voice-1>
NEO (Tokyo) Boss Takeshi


M4 has a strong magnet and will not come off even when worn on the face.

"I've been using ANON since the M2, and my current favorite is the M4. I think it's been around for about 4 seasons now.The strong point is that you can use both spherical and flat lenses in one frame. Yes, the magnet is strong. It hurts if you pinch your flesh when removing the lens (lol). The lens of the M2 sometimes came off when it broke off, but the lens of the M4 doesn't come off even if you put it on your face. I've never experienced this before (bitter smile). It's nice that the face mask also sticks to the frame with magnets. The contrast is clear and the field of view is good. I feel like it's become cloudy since I changed to M4. However, it's quite expensive. Well, the spare lens is also mirror coated and comes with a hard lens case, so I guess that can't be helped.The new M5 came out this season, but it's a little small for me. I plan to continue using M4 from now on.

M4 Cylindrical

It uses a frame that can accommodate both flat lenses and spherical lenses, and is equipped with ANON's unique technologies such as Magne-Tech and MFI.Equipped with PRECEIVE lenses that create a very clear field of view. Cylindrical is a model equipped with a stylish flat lens.Equipped with a spherical lensToric, there is also M4S (Cylindrical/Toric) designed with a slightly smaller frame. ¥49,500 (tax included)


Quick lens exchange technology using powerful magnets.The lens and frame are firmly connected using the power of magnets.Not only is it easy to change lenses, but if it gets cloudy, you can take it off and wipe it off.By the way, in the case of M4, there are 9 connecting parts of magnets.

▶ ︎MFI

An interface that connects the face mask and goggles with a magnet.By connecting the magnet on the face mask to the magnet at the bottom of the goggle frame, you can protect yourself from wind, sunlight, and cold.


OSLO equipped with WEVECEL for excellent safety and ventilation

``I'm a Met rider, and it's probably been five or six years since I started wearing a Met.I'd like to say that the reason I wear a Met is for safety, and I don't have to worry about the beanie blowing off even if it gets moss, and it's better than a beanie. The big thing is that it doesn't get cold.The one I've been using so far is RODAN.It's extremely light.The similarly light HELO 5 has a BOA that can only move 6 degrees to adjust the fit, but this one can move 2.0 ​​degrees.That's good too.However, this season I'm thinking of using the OSLO equipped with WAVECEL, which is a little heavier than the RODAN but has improved safety.The ventilation is quite good, and the BOA It seems to be working well because the dial is built into the met and doesn't change when the ear pads are removed.


Comfort with a fine-tune fit, warm fleece liner, and lightweight feel.Furthermore, it is equipped with the latest shock absorption safety technology.Size: S - XL, ¥36,300

<Shop Voice-2>

SEE'S(Hokkaido) Staff Hirama-san


M5 combines the best features of spherical and flat lenses.

"I had a chance to try it out on snow, and it went well.I plan to use M5 this season.It's smaller than the M4 I've been using, and it fits me better. The M4 was able to have either spherical or flat lenses in the same frame, but the M5 combines the best of both spherical and flat lenses...If I were to compare it to another brand, I would choose a lens similar to DRAGON's PXV.However, even though it was slightly more compact, I didn't feel that the field of view was narrower than the M4.It's convenient to be able to easily remove the lens using a magnet, and it's also nice that it comes with a high-quality spare lens.Previous contrast lenses had deep colors and were a little dark.PERCEIVESince switching to the lens, I feel like I can see clearly even with brighter lenses, and I'm feeling pretty good."


This season's new M5 is equipped with a Flat Toric Lens.A medium-sized model that extracts the advantages of spherical lenses and flat lenses to ensure a wider and clearer field of view.M5S, which is designed to be slightly smaller, is also available in the lineup. ¥49,500 (tax included)

▶︎Flat toric lens
A lens that provides a wider and clearer field of view by combining the advantages of a flat lens and a toric lens.In the current model, it is only used in the M5.

Become a HELO by choosing with an emphasis on lightness!

"My helmet has always been ANON's HELO, and now I'm using the 2.0. You can fine-tune the size with the BOA, and above all, it's light. I think the lighter it is, the less stress it will put on your neck.WAVECEL and MIPSModels equipped with the latest technology are attractive, but a lighter helmet is easier to wear, so I choose one with an emphasis on lightness.This lightness, this performance, this price.I think it's a lot more affordable than comparable helmets from other brands.By the way, at our house, we value lightness and price range more than high-performance models equipped with WAVECEL.There are more people.”

HELO 2.0

Injection-molded shell construction with BOA® 180° Fit System allows for quick and fine adjustments.It is characterized by its amazing lightness.Size: S - XL, ¥23,100 (tax included)

<Rider Voice>

Kazushige Fujita


M5 is compact, light, and has a good fit.

"It's M5.My previous model was M4, but it was a little too big for me. The M5 is smaller and lighter than the compact version of the M4, the M4S, and the fit is perfect for me.Also, the lens has evolved from the M4.It looks like something between a flat surface and a spherical surface, so it's very easy to see.One of the attractions is that there is a wide variety of lens colors, and there is a lineup that is easy to match even with Japanese people who have dark eye colors.Plus, it comes with a bonus lens.Most Japanese people have a set of bright and dark lenses, especially a model with blue and pink lenses, which Japanese people think is perfect in any situation, whether it's sunny, cloudy, or snowy. I think you can get it.My favorite color is Cloudy Blast, which is quite bright.Also, the M2's charm is its magnets.Even if it gets cloudy, you can easily remove the lens and wipe it, making it easy to care for.By the way, I have never had a lens blow out.Oh yeah, the other day, when I was walking to my hotel in Tateyama, I put my face mask close to my neck so I could breathe easily.But it was so cold that I moved up.Then, the goggles popped on and the face mask was attached with a magnet.It was super convenient and instantly kept me out of the cold.'

Equipped with WAVECEL for good ventilationLight LOGAN

"I used to use a high-end model called MERAK, but now I often use LOGAN. Both models have WAVECEL, but LOGAN is a little lighter. Also, it has WAVECEL instead of MIPS. I chose the model partly because I like new technology, and partly because I had heard from Alex Yoda that ``the model with the technology called WAVECEL is amazing.'' ANON. It's been a year since I started using it, but last season was the winter when a revolution occurred for me.In fact, the helmet is warmer than the beanie, doesn't get wet, and is highly safe, so I feel secure.Moreover, WAVECEL The installed model has good ventilation, so it was comfortable to hike while wearing a helmet.I used to hate helmets... or rather, I grew up in a culture where they were uncool (bitter smile).However, I was surrounded by people around me. Considering changes in the environment around me, injuries to people I know, and global trends, I thought it would become more standard for riders to wear helmets.This was the season that made that kind of mindset change for me. By the way, when I wear a helmet, I either wear it directly or over a thin balaclava.I think it's smarter because it's one size smaller.Japanese people wear a helmet over a beanie. It makes you look bulky and uncool, and above all, you may not be able to fully demonstrate the helmet's full potential.Also, the ANON helmet has a magnetic buckle that makes it easy to put on and take off.You can easily wear it even with gloves on. I'm doing really well.From now on, I want to tell more people about the safety and comfort of helmets, and that they don't look tacky either.I'd be happy if that changed their image of helmets."


It features a lightweight shell, EPS and WaveCel liner, and a thin, flowing form.Size: S - XL, ¥38,500

``Ensuring clear visibility'' allows you to always make the right decisions, and ``improving safety'' allows you to prevent injuries and ride more aggressively.In order to improve your skills and have more fun, I would like you to pay more attention not only to suspension gear, but also to eyewear and headgear that protect and comfort your eyes and head.
Be sure to check out ANON's goggles and helmets, which pursue functions that allow snowboarders to enjoy riding in comfort, at our shop, and try out their excellent features for yourself.

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