Girls line powers up! Lineup of all 3 models of "METTA", "FORTE" and "STYLIST" _BENT METAL

Girls line powers up!
Popular "METTA", "FORTE" and "
STYLIST "2 models added

SIZE: M (22 ~ 25cm), L (26cm ~)
COLOR: Black / Jessa Gilbert, White / Quincy Quigg
PRICE: ¥ 28,000 + tax
SIZE: M (22 ~ 25cm), L (26cm ~)
COLOR: Black
PRICE: ¥ 38,000 + tax
SIZE: M (22 ~ 25cm), L (26cm ~)
COLOR: White / Rainbow, Mauve / Hannah Eddy
PRICE: ¥ 35,000 + tax

Speaking of BENT METAL's girls model, responsive and supple nylon high back, boron fiber laminated drive plate, mobility ankle strap with wide range of motion of the foot are adopted, and "METTA" that is active in multiple scenes is the main force. It was a model.In addition, the lightweight model "STYLIST", which is equipped with a magnesium drive plate and power ankle strap, makes it possible to get a sense of unity between the boots and the board, and "FORTE", which boasts a quick response, have been added. FORTE is equipped with an aluminum heel cup and magnesium fiber drive plate, and is characterized by being more aggressive. With BENT METAL, you will be able to find the best binding for you from three different types.

The LOVE HANDLE HIGHBACK mounted on METTA and FORTE has a hollowed-out upper part to reduce weight, and the flex is also soft so it fits perfectly on the foot (photo is METTA).
The drive plate is equipped with a medium flex type as standard so that everyone can handle it easily (METTA in the photo).

Pre-emptive gear feature: BENT METAL
>Forest Bailey's favorite model "AXTION" newly released this season
>"TRANSFER" attracting attention from shop staff nationwide
>Replace with an optional drive plate to customize the treading comfort to your liking