Gear helmet special feature to protect the head

The special helmet featured in the December issue of FREERUN will be released on the WEB!

Helmet users are increasing year by year on the slopes.It's a must-have item to protect your head from shocks such as falls.In this special feature, I checked how I actually dressed in "HELMET style studyAsk Mr. Sasahara, the chief of Murasaki Sports Shinjuku South Store.Key points for choosing a helmetI heard the thoughts of Marasaki Sports, which is strengthening helmet encouragement.Message from supplier, And the helmet brand “GIRO""Smith OpticsIntroducing ”items and technologies.

Please read this as an opportunity to wear a helmet for your own safety and for the safety of friends and family around you.


・ HELMET style study
・ Points for choosing a MURASAKI style helmet
・ MESSEGE from supplier

▶▶ Helmet brand GIRO that protects the head with various technologies such as MIPS and SOFTSHELL structure
▶▶ SMITH OPTICS helmet line where all models meet world strength standards

If you are interested in the magazine, you can purchase the December issue at bookstores nationwide. hereへ!