Gachi battle of the last season! head teammate showdown!Iwa-chan vs Ayumi Kitahara!




As expected, a rider from Kansai, is the comical movement incorporated into the gene? ??Ayumi Kitahara

IMG_8162 IMG_8176

Iwa-chan & Toru also had a smiling face from beginning to end during shooting.



The movie "RIDE FOR A SMILE" with the self-proclaimed entertainment world No. 1 snowboarder comedian Iwa-chan will be the last work of this season!

For the last shoot of this season, we will visit Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort again and welcome the head Snowboards lethal weapon and Ayumi Kitahara, the west bullet girl, as guests.

I messed up this time too (laughs)

Everyone who misses snow already!
Watch this movie and remember how fun snowboarding was and how snowboarding turned everyone's facial expressions into smiles!

Where there is snow, it's still there!Are you going to slip?Would you like to go somewhere! ??Are you ready for next season! ??

See you on the slopes again!Next time, I and Iwata may bother you on your home slope!Please look forward to it ~ (laughs)

Everyone who took care of this season's shooting!Thank you very much-\ (^ o ^) / I'll do off! !!