All-round board "TF" for play with softer flex and easier to ride_OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS

high degree of freedom,Attractive ease of use
Recommended for beginners

Sizes: 143, 146, 148, 152, 154, 156
Price: ¥ 100,100 (tax included)

Among OGASAKA's high-performance carving boards, the "TF" is gaining popularity as a model with a high degree of freedom, with 6% play elements and 4% turn. "TF" means "The Free" and the concept is "ALL-ROUND PLAYFUL".Adopts a trapezoidal tip shape and free camber structure that bring out the lightness of the swing weight that can be easily controlled on any slope.The nose and tail feel mild, and the free camber shape makes it easy to slide the board, making it easy to operate at low speeds.
It flexibly responds to changes in the terrain, and you can enjoy snowboarding with almighty responsiveness and ease of handling even on bumps, wet snow, and powder.From beginner to advanced, the TF has performance that every snowboarder can enjoy.
Furthermore, in the NEW MODEL, the flex has been set even softer and has been adjusted from the conventional 2 to 1.5, making it an even easier board to ride.The flex adjustment has improved the grip on the soft snow surface even for advanced players, and the range of play has been further expanded.
The sophisticated board design typical of OGASAKA is also attractive.

The TF has evolved into a board that is easier to ride, with the flex being set softer and adjusted from 2 to 1.5.

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