Full moon party?

Yamanashi Shizuoka training camp trip 3rd day,
The training was for training the semicircular canals at Fuji-Q Island, enduring G, and getting used to 3D in height and speed.Lol lol
(And a hangover)

I am the captain of this training camp. w

That's why the captain can't stay sick lol

I drank cabbage and was sick, so the screaming was really tough ... lol

I vomit in the air and ride behind
It would be interesting to hit Asuka-san.I was joking, but when I got on it, I was nervous and adrenaline came out and I didn't get drunk ... lol


This is called Cool Japan
The one who gets really wet.

I got wet even if I wore a kappa.And Asuka and my shoulder width chaos!

It was vacant on weekdays and I could almost ride the screaming system!

But year after year, screaming becomes scary.

I wonder if I can't ride when I'm old enough to have children?


At night, put a katsu on your exhausted body
To Yeti Nighter.

(Everyone seemed tired in their hearts and didn't want to go.) But since it's a training camp, it goes according to schedule.



When I slipped, my tiredness was blown away!



Is it Ultra Moon today?That yesterday?

On the way back,

3 deer, XNUMX foxes, XNUMX raccoon dogs

I was there!

Maybe the moon was so round,
I think we had a full moon party! !! !!

It was cute ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎ ♥ ︎

Today, in the last step, I slashed to Asuka at high speed, and when I tried to put snow on it, I fell down and ignored Asuka and went quickly.
It was really embarrassing to be left alone.

Tomorrow is the end of Misaka 1st slip!
I'll do my best though my body is burned ^ ^

Chan-chan ♥ ︎