Big Resort Ski Resort in Fukui Prefecture / Ski Jam Katsuyama

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Introducing the NEW slope! !! !!

I visited Ski Jam Katsuyama, a big no resort in Fukui prefecture.
This ski resort runs through toll roads by the time you reach the slopes.A regular car costs 1 yen from 1/2 to 28/900.Other than that, it seems to be 1300 yen.

By the way, Ski Jam Katsuyama at Big Resort.The field you can play is wide.

The "illusion site" area on the left side of the slope has many steep slopes and is ideal for skiing.The speed will be too high, so if you do not slip while controlling the speed, you will overspeed.There was no fresh snow on the day I visited, but non-compacted snow is also in this area.I wanted to skip it and slip!

Illusion A course

And the upper right is the "fantasy site".This area has a moderate slope and terrain.This area is recommended for slopes!There are walls on the left and right, and it's easy to see.Be careful of skiers from behind.

The "variety site" on the lower right side was good for relaxing on forest roads and wide open burns.At this time, the snow was loose and the carving was comfortable.

I enjoyed it in each area with a style like a big resort.Ski Jam Katsuyama was fun.Come if you have a chance!

There is also a slope movie Ippai site!Please take a look ~ To the slope site