A full movie by young riders recognized by Kazuhiro Kokubo, "INK MOVIE" latest work "PANDEMIC"

In 2019, "INK MOVIE" was started by Kazuhiro Kokubo and Keisuke Yoshida with the aim of discovering and hooking up young riders who are fascinating in the visual world.

The full movie of the latest work "PANDEMIC" has been released for free on the WEB since the end of last year, so let's introduce it.Now that the Beijing Olympics are approaching and the contest scene is drawing attention, I would like you to see the brave appearance of young riders who fascinate the viewers in the movie.

By the way, this work includes Yuri Okubo and Raibu Katayama who participated in the previous Olympics, including Yutaro Miyazawa, Fukuki Takahashi, Kansuke Otomo, Masakazu Sato, and Halfpipe Japan of the Beijing Olympics. Yuto Totsuka, who is expected to receive a medal as a representative, is also appearing.

The highlights are backcountry footage, where you can run through a series of natural terrains where the items they hit are not decided, and street footage, where you can conquer harder sections and ride with creativity.

The voices of the riders during the shooting are also recorded, so you can know the atmosphere of the site.

Check out the super-rich full movie (24 minutes) below!