The edit of Sohi Nagasawa is released from the brand "UKIYO" by Ryo Aizawa!There are rumors that new products will be developed !?

UKIYO, a brand created by Ryo Aizawa.
Ayumu Hirano, who has a close relationship with Ryo, wrapped a UKIYO towel around his neck on the stage of the Beijing Olympics and was in the limelight.

Even after that, real snowboarders wore UKIYO and got a lot of attention last season.

In the UKIYO Instagram post introduced below, the edit of Sohi Nagasawa, one of the riders who has been attracting attention in recent years, was released.


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Held in April at Palcall Tsumagoi, Gunma"UZUMAKI 2022"Then, Ryo played a central role in creating the best stage, and Sohi also excited the venue with stylish riding.It goes without saying that these new generation riders were creating new movements.

The world view of UKIYO created by Ryo Aizawa and Sohi Nagasawa will surely continue to attract attention.

And it seems that the 2022 SUMMER COLLECTION will be launched soon from UKIYO, and it is rumored that new products will be developed.

Keep an eye on this brand more and more!Please check the latest information on SNS and website below.

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