From Nakai couple

Yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Nakai came to visit my parents' house ☆

Kanato, I saw it for the first time when I was born, but I was surprised that it became quite big.

Five months was an unbelievable size (laughs)

I felt like I was walking.

The face was soaked in Nakai.

Especially, the mouth is soaked (laughs)

I didn't think it was in the same grade as Daiki (laughs)

Photo, Maimai, Kanato, Nakai, I, Mirin, Daiki, Mitsu

At the end, everyone took a commemorative photo ☆

I got Ralph Lauren's children's clothes as a baby gift ☆

Nakai, Maimai Azasu ♪

I'll make the big horse as big as Kanato (laughs)