Freestyle board "XOXO" _ROXY for advanced users who want to pursue jumps

With C3 camber + magnet traction edge
Demonstrate outstanding high-speed gliding performance

XOXO (left)
SIZE: 139, 142, 145, 149, 152cm
PRICE: ¥ 65,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 71,500 (tax included)

SIZE: 145, 149
PRICE: ¥ 65,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 71,500 (tax included)

The "XOXO" used by Chloe Kim, a new member of ROXY, as the main board is a twin-tip model that we especially recommend to advanced players who want to improve on jumps and pipes.With its light swing weight nose and tail shape, snappy flex, and high control performance, it fully demonstrates its capabilities in freestyle scenes such as kickers, pipes, and resorts.

The sense of stability that supports it is created by a unique camber shape called C3 (Seasley).Due to the hybrid structure in which the double camber (each camber under both feet) is incorporated in the camber base (large camber that fits in the entire board), the space between both feet is slightly recessed, so the center of the board touches the snow surface when weighted. By doing so, it is possible to create a stable "due".In addition, the wavy magnetic traction edge mounted on the side curve firmly captures the snow surface, and you can fully enjoy free riding regardless of the conditions.It is finished in one that you can play the whole mountain in freestyle while pursuing a jump.

"XOXO CYNTHIA ROWLEY" is a special model that uses the artwork of CYNTHIA ROWLEY, a NYC designer who connects the world of fashion and adventure.

C3 Camber: A hybrid structure that incorporates a double camber (each camber under both feet) into a camber base (a large camber that fits in the entire board).The mild rocker in the center enhances the levitation performance with powder while demonstrating clean carving and high ollie performance.

The magnet traction edge, which is a wavy edge with seven differently sized protrusions, provides excellent edge grip.

Although it has a twin-tip shape, it also has buoyancy with powder and demonstrates excellent gliding performance in all mountains.

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