PYRE, a freeriding board that pursues the fun of powder and carving_NICHE SNOWBOARDS

Thick waist with mini swallowtail
Demonstrate sufficient buoyancy and excellent acceleration

Size: 140, 145, 150*, 155, 160
Price: ¥ 110,000 (tax included)
*Photo publication size

Among the NICHE lineup, PYRE, which has a unique shape with a thick waist and a mini swallow tail, generates more buoyancy than its length due to the excellent resilience created by the camber of the nose rocker and backfoot that can smoothly approach powder. It has the characteristic of lettingThe introduction of turns is accelerated by a natural and stiff flex.While it has a sense of stability, it has excellent operability, and the wide shape creates buoyancy in powder, so you can enjoy turns while raising the spray.It has the ability to freely move around natural terrain, such as tight tree runs, hitting side hits, and running through banks at high speed.
Once you get the hang of riding, the wide shape doesn't become obtrusive, and it doesn't stick to freeriding. Light operability, which is the characteristic of PYRE, can be adapted to freestyle play.We want you to enjoy the novel ride.


BACK-SEAT CAMBER, ROCKER NOSE:The rocker nose and setback camber between the feet provide both powder lift and edge grip.


150cm with a waist width of 266mm, a short and wide freeriding model that has been attracting attention in recent years.


The mini-swallow tail that looks like the tip of the tail is hollowed out enables accurate control even in tight turns.


The overall shape is wide, so the nose doesn't stick out too much, but it has enough buoyancy to run comfortably in powder.

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