Jamie Lynn's aged free riding special professional model "JAMIE LYNN" and powder specialized model "JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE" _LIB TECHNOLOGIES

Is it powder or all-round?
Both are attractive Jamie Lynn professional models

JAMIE LYNN (right)
SIZE: 150, 156, 159, 160W, 166W
PRICE: ¥ 88,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 96,800 (tax included)

SIZE: 150
PRICE: ¥ 88,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 96,800 (tax included)

Jamie Lin, a legendary snowboarder who has fascinated fans with his innovative style in the snowboard scene and in the field of artwork. LIB TECH has been developing many original signature models for many years.

"JAMIE LYNN" has become a standard free riding model that can be used all-round even in the LIB TECH lineup.The board, which features an aggressive ride that supports his cool and powerful riding, has a classical directional shape, a camber base called C3 (seesley) and a double camber (each under both feet). Uses a hybrid structure with a built-in camber).The superiority of the C3 structure, which mixes the strengths of camber and rocker in a well-balanced manner, enables a light and sharp turn, and secures sufficient buoyancy with powder.

On the other hand, "JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE", which specializes in powder, gains buoyancy with a wide outline, floats comfortably in the powder, and enables quick small turn.The speed of turning back is fast, and you can enjoy it lightly in scenes that assume actual Japanese snowy mountains, such as tree runs, small swamps, and riding in natural terrain.The graphic uses a beautiful woman drawn by Jamie himself.

Whether to make "JAMIE LYNN" with an emphasis on all-round performance or "JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE" with an emphasis on powder performance.Think carefully and decide until the snowboard season begins.


C3 structure that incorporates a double camber (each camber under both feet) into a large camber that fits the entire board

Outline of JAMIE LYNN (right) and JAMIE LYNN SHORT WIDE (left). SHORT WIDE is also a little thinner than the previous season, making it very easy to handle.

JAMIE LYNN's float-type nose and gently tapered outline

Beautiful artwork by Jamie himself, whose design is a hot topic every season.The color of the graphic is also wonderful

> Pre-emptive gear special feature

>In addition, the "T.RICE ORCA SPLIT", which uses an ultra-lightweight split core for the "T.RICE ORCA" that can be enjoyed by girls riders with a wider range, is also available.
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