There are some tricks that I can't do,

There are also new techniques that can be done accordingly.

But I remember what I was able to do once, so
Someday I can do it again.


You can now switch tweak.

I want to be able to make a quick decision with a big kicker ^ _ ^

The wall that was recently built in front of me

Hitting, trying to break, trying to climb,

But the more I rush and struggle, the more I sink like a bottomless swamp.

Even if it sinks
There are reliable friends and family who can reach out.

You will reach the front of the wall again.

I thought many times to ignore it and run away,

It's very easy to escape. .. ..

So I decided to face the wall.

Thorn road
Someday it will be a proud past.

Troublesome things, unpleasant things, hard things
Don't run away from

There is nothing in vain for sober work.

So I won't lose to myself yesterday!

Friends who can push together

I'm glad there was a family and a coach who pushed my shoulders (T ^ T)




I think about the waiting time at the airport.

For the World Cup from today

Escape from Colorado!

With Quebec, Canada

I'm going to Park City \ (^ o ^) /

I'll do my best to make a satisfying slide! !! !!