LIB TECH X MAYHEM COLLECTION…Exploring the charm of the LOST series

A new snowboarding world created by LIB TECH's cutting-edge technology and the rich sensibilities of Matt "Mayhem" Bioros, a world-renowned surfboard shaper. We are developing an innovative board that allows us to deeply explore the fun of snowboarding by unconstrained by preconceived notions and incorporating the perspective of surfboard shapes. This project exists precisely because LIB TECH is a brand that values ​​free thinking.

Lib Tech X Mayhem program
…As the creator of LOST SURFBOARDS, Mayhem has the know-how to shape everything from high-end surfboards used by top world tour surfers to surfboards that require ease of riding, to improve the performance and enjoyment of surfers of all levels. . At the same time, he is also a snowboarder himself with a career of over 30 years, and is passionate about pursuing maneuvers not only on the sea but also on the snow. He has skied many mountains, including California's Mammoth Mountain and Japan, and has created innovative snowboards based on ideas that came to him from those experiences. "RETRO RIPPER," "ROCKET," and "QUIVER KILLER" are already attracting attention as popular models in LIB TECH's lineup, but in fact, all of these snowboards are linked to surfboards that he has created himself. Mayhem shakes down the know-how gained through surfing onto the snow. ...The appeal of the LOST series is the unique crossover performance created from this feedback loop.

…BANANA TECHNOLOGY C3 structure adopted in LOST series
The camber shape that extends across the entire board provides beautiful carving and high ollies, while the slight rocker in the center is the latest technology that improves flotation performance in powder.
Ibrid camber.
It has a structure that is far more durable than conventional surfboards, is environmentally friendly, and achieves high performance. The surfboards created by LIBTECH have innovative features that double the fun of surfing.


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