241-SEEKER JKT & BIB PNT, a setup that we want people who are looking for the best field to wear.

Size: S-XL
Color: CL (JKT), OT (BIB PNT)
Price: ¥ 66,000 excluding tax (JKT), ¥ 60,000 excluding tax (BIB PNT)

The proposition in backcountry snowboarding would be to glide on the ideal slopes for the finest snow-covered skiers.However, in order to realize it, it is impossible to just wait, and it is indispensable to actively seek (SEEK). "Seek, farewell, you will not be given."This is a famous passage in the New Testament Matthew, but in order to accomplish things, it is important not to wait for them to be given, but to be willing to seek them.
In the backcountry, it is not uncommon to start hiking up from within the forest zone and then hike up to the ridgeline beyond the tree line.Although there was no wind at the foot of the mountain, there are many changes in the external environment, such as sudden exposure to strong winds mixed with snow the moment you stand on the ridge.In addition, high waterproofness is essential for playing in areas with a lot of water and snow, such as Japan (especially on the Sea of ​​Japan side) and the Northwest of the United States.The 241 SEEKER JKT and SEEKER BIB PNT are suitable setups for searchers (SEEKER) seeking the best fields in such a harsh environment.
Both the jacket and pants use GORE-TEX's three-layer structural material that achieves both waterproofness and breathability at a high level, and by using a durable fabric for the outer material, bushes during riding and hiking up can be used. What's the small branches?In addition to the 3D cutting specifications designed with active movement in mind, it is equipped with a ventilation system that can be adjusted according to the scene.In addition, the comfort is outstanding thanks to the pattern and sewing that efficiently disperse the load from the neck to the shoulder area.
These are the result of repeated updates in the ongoing system while incorporating the feedback of real riders such as Mike Basic, the founder of 241 and Japan's world-class mountain freestyler Shin Miyajima. In order to respond to the riders' experience, overflowing imagination and ideas, it is a natural result that 241 has incorporated the materials that XNUMX has been particular about into items by making full use of Japan's delicate and advanced technology.That's why SEEKER JKT and BIB PNT have been endorsed by many snowboarders for many years as a set-up with a design that incorporates a story that doesn't follow the trends of the times and with practical, sophisticated details.As a model packed with functions that can be used in actual scenes, rather than the functionality of only the numerical values ​​measured in the lab.If you wear this garment and stand on a snowy mountain, you should be able to easily understand it.

Shin Miyajima talks about the charm of SEEKER JKT and BIB PNT
"SEEKER JKT and BIB PNT have been constantly undergoing small updates every season since their release, and the setup reflects the opinions of the riders. It also supports movements such as jumping and twisting. You can easily raise your legs when hiking on steep slopes. Also, because the fabric is strong, it is nice to be able to select the line without worrying about bushes and twigs. It is designed by draping as a whole. I also like the fact that it's hard to feel the weight of the wear when you wear it. I think it's durable enough to withstand hard use throughout the season and comfortable to wear all day long. "Rider: Shin Biyajima Photo: Justin Kious
Featured update for this season, part 1
EASY-ACCESS TROUGH ZIPPER that can be accessed inside without opening the main zipper.By eliminating the flaps from this season and eliminating the snow jam, it is possible to access not only the chest pocket on the right side of the bib but also the pocket on the left side.
Featured update for this season, part 2
BACK SIDE OPEN SYSTEM that can open the back by opening the side zipper that also serves as ventilation and removing the upper snap button.Not only is it easy to put on and take off, but the toilet, which was troublesome with bib pants, is also easy.In addition, the gathers used on the back can be fine-tuned to achieve an appropriate waist width.
Featured update for this season, part 3
By changing the knee circumference a little thicker than before, the silhouette is more like a snowboarder while maintaining the ease of movement.

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