Six Misconceptions About Helmets That You Want to Eliminate for a Comfortable Snowboard Life


The number of helmet users has increased in recent years, but when we hear from manufacturers and shops, it seems that there are still many people who are uncertain about the basic knowledge of helmets.I will introduce the functions of the helmet and recommended models while explaining the six misunderstandings that I can understand somehow, but I can not understand until I actually use it.

 Misunderstanding 1. For those who play jump tricks, park play, and competition

For snowboarders who aren't competing or playing in the park, wearing a helmet can be a bit exaggerated.This is because if you don't fall from a high place or hit your head against a jib item, it's hard to feel that your head is heavily damaged.
However, even a fall that anyone experiences will shock your head enough.This does not disappear even if it improves, especially among beginners, it falls more often than slipping, and the ratio of reverse edges is also high.Continued striking the head can cause serious brain damage.Helmets are an item that benefits all riders of all levels.

 Misunderstanding 2. It's okay if you're careful

Well then, I can't say that I should improve and not fall.Unexpected accidents can occur by hitting (hit) people.

 Misunderstanding 3. The higher the price, the more the shock is absorbed.

Like other gear, helmets come in several price ranges.However, in the case of SMITH, the basic shock absorption rate is the same for all models because the safety standards of American and European snow sports are taken.Then what's the difference?The first is the difference in the structure of the shell (the outermost hard part). (Excluding some high-end)

Difference in shell structure
In SMITH, the following three shell structures are used properly.

Shell structure with amazing lightness and sufficient strength.Recommended for those who do flying tricks that emphasize lightness

Anyway, it is sturdy and durable, and the shell itself will not be dented or cracked by a slight impact.This type is recommended for beginners who often fall

◆ Hybrid shell structure (HYBRID SHELL CONSTRUCTION)
Slim, lightweight and sturdy.A shell with a new structure that combines different materials, lightweight and durable.

 – Bombshell structure is recommended for those who are frequently shocked –
The strength of the shell itself is high, and even if it receives an impact, it is hard to get scratches such as dents on the surface, so it is also recommended for people who say "I'm embarrassed by the bumpy helmet!".It is used in relatively low-priced models.
Adopted model ▶▶ Gage, Holt

Recommended model with bomb shell

Gage / ¥ 17,500

With a bomb shell structure and a low center of gravity design, you don't have to worry about your head being carried even if you fall from your head vigorously.It is durable enough to meet the strength standards not only for snow but also for bicycle helmets.

Holt / ¥ 14,500
Holt / ¥ 14,500

Highly durable design and low price model.The price range that is easy for beginners to use is also attractive.A freestyle helmet that can be used not only for snowboarding but also for skating, biking, and snow mountain all year round.

 – “In-mold structure” is recommended for those who value lightness –
A thin polycarbonate of 1 mm or less is steam-bonded to the EPS liner, and it is surprisingly light and strong enough. This shell is also used for Maze, which is the most popular in SMITH.The shell itself is not as strong as the bomb shell, but its shock absorption remains the same.When you receive a big impact, the helmet will crack and protect your head.

* Many people mistakenly think that a "fragile" helmet is weak, but basically a helmet "breaks to release the impact and reduce the impact on the head."It's not a bad thing for a helmet to break.

Adopted model ▶▶ Code, Maze / Allure, Aspect / Arrival, Zoom Jr.

Recommended model with in-mold

Maze / ¥ 19,500
Maze / ¥ 19,500

The lightest and lowest center of gravity model of SMITH, which is the most popular among SMITH.Due to its lightness, which competes for 1st and 2nd place in the world, all athletes in competitions with many air skills (slopestyle, halfpipe, etc.) choose Maze.This model is also used by that Taku Hiraoka.Uses an Asian fit that fits the shape of the Japanese head. * Some colors are not adopted

Zoom Jr./¥13,500
Zoom Jr./¥13,500

An ultra-lightweight kids helmet that uses the same in-mold structure as Maze and is surprisingly light.The "dial fit system" allows you to adjust the fit by turning the dial left and right, making it a perfect fit for kids who move their heads violently.

 Misunderstanding 4. Goggles look cloudy 

Some people may have experienced that the goggles became cloudy when wearing some helmets.It is a phenomenon that occurs when the helmet blocks the ventilation at the top of the goggles.
In the case of SMITH, the ventilation is designed on the helmet itself and the design is integrated with the goggles to efficiently create the air flow from the goggles to the helmet, so there is no cloudiness due to the helmet, rather it is cloudy than the goggles alone. It's getting harder.

Why the goggles become cloudy when "the ventilation at the top of the goggles is blocked"
Goggles prevent fogging by discharging air from the ventilation at the top to the outside, but if this ventilation is blocked by snow or a film of moisture, air will not be produced from the inside of the goggles to the outside and moisture will be generated. The goggles will become cloudy due to muffled.
Similarly, wearing a non-ventilated helmet will block the ventilation of the goggles, which can result in cloudy goggles.

ultimate integration
SMITH's air evac system designed to function as a unit of goggles and helmet.A structure that guides the air inside the goggles to the ventilation system inside the helmet and expels it from the rear. All helmets released at SMITH are equipped with either "Air Evac" or the more advanced "Air Evac 2".
Ventilation set on the helmet itself.The air inside the goggles is taken into the helmet through the hole at the top of the image and discharged from the rear.
There is also a type that can open and close the ventilation.The left is closed and the right is open

 Misunderstanding 5. Uncomfortable because the size of the helmet does not fit 

Since each person has a different head size and shape, it is difficult to find a helmet that fits perfectly. Do you have such anxiety?
If you can't find the right size, choose a larger one instead of a smaller one.Modern helmets are equipped with a system to improve the fit.By adjusting with this fit system, you can wear it with a perfect fit without having your head swim in the helmet.

Fit system features
SMITH is equipped with the following four fit systems.


◆ Dial Fit System (DFS2)
SMITH's original dial fit system.Turn it to the right to close it, and turn it to the left to loosen it.The operation is very simple.
Installed model ▶▶ Aspect, Arrival, Zoom Jr.

◆ Lifestyle Fit System (LFS)
Elastic rubber band expands and contracts according to the size of the head and automatically adjusts.Since the rubber moves according to the movement of the body, the fit is not impaired even when performing in the air

(Top) Normal state (Bottom) Expanded state.The rubber expands and contracts according to the size of the head and fits automatically
Adjuster set inside.You can fine-tune the size of the helmet by changing the position of the hole.


Installed model ▶▶ Maze / Allure, Gage, Holt

◆ Boa FS360 Fit System
The size can be adjusted to gently wrap the entire head from a 360-degree direction, and only a part of the head is not pressed. The latest fit system with Boa closure system
Installed model ▶▶ Quantum, Vantage, Code

◆ Boa system
Unique fit system made only for SMITH. Compared to FS360, it does not cover 360 degrees in all directions, but it covers about 3/4 of that area.
Installed model ▶▶ Sequel

 To match the size properly, try it on at the store and buy it!

Fitting is just as important to the helmet as it is when choosing boots.Because the shape of the head varies from person to person.
In addition, the size notation such as "S, M, L" on the helmet side also differs depending on the brand.For example, if you are looking for a size of 60 cm, the Asian Fit M size (59 cm-63 cm) for SMITH and the XXL size (60.5 cm-62 cm) for bern will be close.If you want to fit your head, don't just look at the size and buy it, but always try it on at the store and buy it.

* If you plan to wear a helmet over the beanie, be sure to wear the beanie when trying on.If you buy the perfect one without a beanie, it will be tight when you wear the beanie.

 Misunderstanding 6. I can't hear the sound 

It is true that the sound is heard differently depending on whether you are wearing a helmet or not, but you can hear the sound firmly enough to detect danger.On the contrary, there is a merit that the sound is cut off moderately.Since the external sound becomes quieter, you don't feel the sense of speed as much as when you are not wearing it, so you can challenge faster speeds than usual, and the sense of security that your head is protected will reduce your fear.For example, "backward leaning" is a factor that makes it difficult to control the board due to extra speed, but by suppressing fear with a helmet, it will lead to level up at an early stage.

Snowboarding is basically at your own risk.It is recommended to wear it to prevent injury.If you are curious but hesitant because there are many things you don't understand, please refer to this article to find the one that suits your style and wallet situation.

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