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2023-2024 BENT METAL
Cool design, coolness is outstanding
Customization is also OK for your favorite ride feeling!

Simple and unique BENT METAL bindings.It continues to be loved by snowboarders for its cool design and outstanding ride feel.After repeated testing and research with many top riders, we update each part to the best and most reliable binding every year.

There are 3 types of unique drive plates (sold separately) that maximize the performance of the board, and you can adjust the flex by replacing them.The lineup is equipped with straps that create an excellent fit, flexible structures that adapt to various riding styles, and technologies unique to popular binding brands..

Freestyle or freeride

"TRANSFER" which plays an active part in all mountains with various performances.A reinforced polymer highback and magnesium drive plate provide direct power transfer for precise freestyle/freeride performance and control in every situation.Its precision has been proven by team riders riding from East Coast parks to Alaskan peaks.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥ 52,800 (tax included)

Favorite team rider

Performance enhancement model supported by team riders.The ankle strap combines flex and power with dual bands for maximum comfort and responsiveness.A lightweight and responsive drive plate laminated with magnesium fiber, a unibody chassis that integrates with the boot, and a solid asymmetric highback for increased rigidity.
Size: S/23.0-26.0cm, M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥48,400 (tax included), ¥49,500 (tax included) / FOREST BAILEY

Enabling the ultimate freestyle/freeride

Laminated with carbon fiber, the sole of the foot is equipped with a drive plate with cant and heel shock pads.Power polymer highback has flexible lateral flex for strong performance and control.It has powerful and playful specs that allow you to achieve a higher level of freestyle and freeride.
Size: M/26.0-29.0cm, L/29.0-32.0cm
Price: ¥ 57,200 (tax included)

Girls model that shows the best performance

The 'STYLIST' is a lightweight, peak performance binding.Maximize your performance with a magnesium drive plate, soft dual ankle straps that integrate with your boot, and a reliable all-mountain nylon highback.
Size: M/22.0-25.0cm, L/26.0cm-
Price: ¥ 48,400 (tax included)

"METTA" for any level or style

"METTA" is a medium flex all-terrain binding.It features a responsive, supple nylon highback and chassis, medium flex drive plate, and power flex ankle straps.It enables the best skiing of the day regardless of the rider or style.
Size: M/22.0-25.0cm, L/26.0cm-
Price: ¥ 38,500 (tax included)

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