The earthquake has come.

I was quite surprised. ..

The vicinity of the Kamishiro fault, which is the epicenter of this earthquake, seems to have subsided by about 2014 cm to the west-southwest (toward Tokyo) and subsided by 11 cm.

How much was the axis of rotation of the earth affected?

I lived near the most swaying area in Nagano, and my favorite Japanese-style apartment, which I lived in for over XNUMX years, was damaged.Probably will be demolished. ..


Mr. Jeremy Jones (non-Gibber) will come to Japan for a preview and talk tour of HIGHER, and YOU THE ROCK (you) will join us from Hakuba on the tour to also play the teaser of YoneFilm LIVE NATURALLY 5 and support on the way. We stopped by "Pile Driver" in Takayama, Gifu, which also handles One Ball Jay, and participated in the "SIDE CAR" event at the Kariya City Cultural Hall in Aichi Prefecture.An unreleased and unreleased self-made Alaskan movie will be screened in conversation with you.And then to Tokyo Shinjuku Largo.From there, there was still a Love Nach XNUMX preview at the "Side Riding Japan Film Festival" and Shibuya "stylus" in Shonan, but I canceled it and went to Tateyama for a one-night, two-day snowboard trip.The photo will be uploaded again somehow.

When I came back and thought that I was going to have dinner overnight, the refrigerator popped out and the cups and bowls fell from the shelves.It ’s dangerous if it ’s crushed!When I try to go outside, there is a power outage!I left the messy entrance and confirmed the safety with the snowboarder Masa Tabata next door.

The house where Hakuba's friend didn't live was ruined, so I decided to go to help clean it up.

For the time being, I went back to my daily life and went to Tateyama again.Then, there were various people, but when I came back, I knew that the hole where the volcanic gas of Jigokudani was coming out was huge.

It seems that the announcement of the events in September was recent.

Both Mt. Asama and Mt. Yokote seem to be active, and the eruption of Mt. Yaki seen nearby shows that the volcano is alive.

In short, the Japanese archipelago is alive here and there, and I thought it was more important to think about what to do in the event of an emergency than to hope that there was nothing.