Dog and snowboard in Gassan! !!

It's already spring.

But there are also ski resorts in heavy snowfall areas that open in the spring.


We decided to go skiing while setting up a tent at the campsite.

One of them is Gassan Ski Resort in Yamagata Prefecture.


Moreover, you can ride a dog on a lift that has only one.

So I went for a snowboard walk with Noupy members ♪


This lift is 600 yen one way and Noupy is 0 yen.

I hugged a 22-kilometer Noupy member and boarded the lift.


If you get off the lift, do you climb further and slide on BC?

You have the choice of skiing on the slopes.


To BC on this day.


Noupy members don't like being taken away, so I've never made a soft noise in the snowy mountains.



Is it a loser!There seems to be a feeling that I do not want to lose from Noupy's stretched legs lol


To make a soft noise is, for example, wearing goggles, wearing shoes, or reluctant to carry a backpack.

If I get tired of walking and stop and make a beeping sound, I will give up taking it with me, but ...


He puts his neck in so that he can easily put on goggles, and he is also mature when he puts on his shoes.

I'm always happy to climb the 6-hour slope before anyone else.


However, in the past, I had been in the car only when I went to BC near Asahikawa in Hokkaido.

Noupy was an answering machine because it was a dangerous slope if we were not careful.

I could hear the cry of protest from inside the car all the time, but when I went to slip with Stacola Sassa and came back

Noupy was completely angry lol.

Normally, when I get back to the car, I'm happy to turn my face to the front and shake my tail, but ...

At this time, my face turned away, looked at us sideways, and did not try to move forward.

"Huh?Do dogs behave like this? 』\ It was a big laugh at the human-like gesture.


I might get so angry because I think I'm a member of the group.

I don't mind the answering machine at home,

When it comes to climbing snowy mountains, I was named Noupy because I think Noupy is also a member.


I hope that you will continue to watch the growth of Noupy members together.