Details such as Advance Cup, participating riders and courses will be announced after a long absence !! April 4th (Sat) and 7th (Sun) to Geto Kogen

The popular event "Advance Cup", which riders and general snowboarders can enjoy together, is approaching 4/7/4/8.The place is the Geto Kogen Ski Resort, which has been a hot topic recently.And I'm glad that the entry is free.The events are dual bank slalom and park style.In particular, dual bank slalom is extremely rare, and since it is held on a double course, it is easy to understand the victory or defeat, and there is no doubt that it will be exciting.Classified as professional and amateur, there is a chance to get prize money and products respectively.What a generous tournament that even welcome patties are free !!!

And speaking of "Advance Cup", I'm looking forward to a luxurious guest rider.Many riders, both domestic and overseas, are scheduled to come to play this time as well.The riders currently decided are as follows.It seems that the number of riders will increase, so it may be surprising to participate on the day.Entry is still possible, so let's access more and more !!!

Advance Cup 2018 in GETO

Schedule: 4/7 Qualifying, 4/8 Final
* Welcome party at Geto Kogen Ski Resort on 4/7 night, 18:00
Start location: Geto Kogen Ski Resort (Iwate Prefecture)
Entry: Free, please email us at: The second entry is also possible.
Deadline: 2018 3.31
Inquiries: ADVANCE MARKETING INC. TEL 029-839-2020

advance cup4/7 qualifying

Venue meeting time 8:30
Practice start 9:00
Dual bank qualifying starts 10:00
Dual bank qualifying ends 12:00
Park style qualifying starts 13:00
Park style qualifying ends 15:00
Welcome party 18:00

4/8 final
Venue meeting time 8:30
Practice start 9:00
Opening Ceremony 9:30
Dual bank final start 10:00
Dual bank final end 11:30
Park style final start 12:30
Park style final end 14:00
Awards Ceremony 14:30
End 15:00

Overseas rider (planned)
[LIBTECH] Phil Hansen
[GNU] Jacob Krugmeyer, Dave Marx
[ALLIAN] Ingemar Backman, Jonathan Englajord, Peter Strom

Domestic rider (planned)
[LIBTECH] Yuka Yamazaki, Yoshinori Tsurugasaki, Ryuji Kawashima, Takahiro Taniguchi, Masatoshi Asano, Takuya Ishida / SKI
[GNU] Takanori Hayashi, Yusuke Ito, Aya Sato, Mari Mizukami, Kotoe Chida, Riri Ashizawa
[ALLIAN] Seki Isao, Takayuki Nakamura, Keiko Yamasaki, Aoi Takahashi

Dual bank slalom course
Park style coursepark