★ ☆ kids snowboarding class ☆ ★

It has been decided to hold this year as well.
Kids lessons for snowboard beginners.
The lesson content is intended to convey the joy of snowboarding to kids who want to try snowboarding in the future and kids who want to improve their snowboarding skills.
Details are below.

★ ☆ kids snowboarding class ☆ ★
Date and time December 12 (Monday)
⚫️ Guidance
Halfpipe, Daisuke Murakami, who participated in the Olympics twice, Minakichi, Hamaguchi, and two students, a total of five people.
Location ban.K ski resort
⚫️ 3 sets, 10 people each.
⚫️ Teaching time 2 hours‼ ︎
As soon as the number of participants is decided, the time and course will be decided!
⚫️ Guidance fee 4500 yen (including lift and insurance)
⚫️ Rental fee 1000 yen (provided by K2)
Participation ages Senior to 3rd grade elementary and intermediate students
* Consultation is required for other grades.

⚪️ If you would like to participate, please contact us at this address.
d05182003@yahoo.co.jp‼ ️
We will stop accepting as soon as 30 people gather.
* There are already 12 slots left.