Conquer three Scandinavian countries at once! A trip by camper. Ikuyo Yoshida (3channel)

Q1: Thank you for your hard work this season! Are you still skating?

Yoshida (hereinafter 194):thank you for your hard work. Actually, I'm still going to go skiing at Mt. Gassan in early June. I'm going camping style and surfing with my friends!

Q2: I see! What are your plans for the summer season?

194:This year is also full of surfing! I'm starting rehabilitation little by little so that I can improve my level. You don't move your body at all lol Snowboarding and surfing seem to have similar movements, but they use different muscles.

Q3: I heard that you had a fun trip during the season!

194:That's right! My friends and I went to Iceland and even Norway! ! It's not good. Your worldview will change. I was impressed with everything.

Q4: What made you decide to go?

194:I wanted to go on a big trip with my friends. We've been talking about traveling overseas for a while now, and it feels like it's finally happening. Last year we went to Norway, but this year we have a different lineup.

Q5: So this is your second time in Norway? What is the purpose of this trip? Of course you can't eat enough?

194:Eat till you drop! ! Lol Of course, local gourmet food is a must. Norway and Iceland have similar foods, and Norwegian salmon is famous in Japan as well. Bacon and sausages are also very delicious. There was also a wide variety of lamb meat and canned mackerel, which were very delicious.

The prices there are extremely high, about 2 to 4 times as expensive as in Japan. Eating out every time was ridiculously expensive, so I cooked for myself in a camper. I also have fond memories of grilling and eating pasta, sandwiches, and meat. But the main purpose is snowboarding! LOL Backcountry is the best!

Northern Europe is located much further north than Japan, and the snow quality is dry. It wasn't a lot of powder, but the thin layer of snow was very light and didn't get hard. And as a luxury, you can ski while looking at the view of the fjord! ! Isn't it irresistible?

And the aurora is also one of the objectives. This time I was really lucky and was able to observe it every day for the 5 days I stayed in Iceland! Even though I couldn't watch it for a week, it was really great! I am truly grateful to my senior guide for guiding me through everything. I was so happy to fly with my friends!

Q6: As expected, people from Kansai are coming. Aurora in the backcountry! ! I'm getting excited just listening to it! The same goes for the gourmet food, and the trip itself is just too awesome! How many days did you go overall?

194:A total of 1 weeks, 1 week in Iceland and 2 week in Norway. However, the weather in Norway wasn't great in the second half, so at the discretion of our guide, we crossed the border to Sweden and Finland and traveled to three countries in a campervan at once! Conquering three Nordic countries at once! I went on a huge road trip. LOL In Japan, you can't cross the border without flying, so I didn't really understand it at all, but you can cross the border through the drive-through without any special application.It was a strange feeling!

Border between Finland and Norway

Q7: Have you been to any other places? ? Looks like there will be lots of fun stories coming up!

194:When I went to see the ski slopes in Sweden, there were a lot of kids practicing slopestyle and it was really exciting! I also went to see a hotel made of ice called ICE Hotel in Finland.

There was a bar and a church inside, all made of ice! Not just walls and chairs, but even chandeliers! It was extremely beautiful and the amazing art was like something out of Frozen. You can actually stay there, but of course the beds are ICE lol.And best of all, there's a sauna that's trending right now! The birthplace of the sauna called Finland Sauna! If you search, you'll find sauna points all over the place! After the sauna, everyone jumps into the icy sea! In neighboring Norway, we took an arctic sauna and jumped into the Arctic Ocean. It was already was too neat lol In Iceland, the hot springs were boiling and we all went in! Surrounded by snowy mountains, rivers, and nature, the hot spring was a little lukewarm and felt great, so I ended up taking a long bath.

Q2: The content is so rich that I can't get enough of the conversation, and it's so great that I don't even know where to start! ! So you traveled to 5 countries in XNUMX weeks? ?

194:I agree! Even I was surprised! I wonder if it's okay to conquer the world so quickly! ? What! Lol Until now, traveling overseas was just a fantasy world where I thought, “I wish I could go!” However, when I started going abroad, I got a real sense of the worldview that you can only understand if you go abroad, and I thought, ``I want to see more of the world!'' ``I want to do more with the limited time I have!'' ``It's such a waste not to know!''

World's northernmost point, 69 degrees north latitude, McDonald's in the Arctic Circle Tromsø, Norway
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