Choose your favorite from two types of flex! YOROI SKATEBOARD RYU II

Size: 38inch (Flex can be selected)
Price: ¥ 34,000 excluding tax
* Various in Coronathe reasonThe price has changed since.
After change: Price: ¥ 36,300 excluding tax
As of May 2021, the first delivery of this model has been sold out, and the next arrival is currently scheduled for mid-November.

The first YOROI brand longboard skateboard is a carving model that is ideal for snowboarding off-training, with an exquisite spring-like astonishing bend peculiar to bamboo decks and a size of 1 inches.It was renewed and there are two types of flex.In addition, the screw holes are 38 holes, and the turn depth can be adjusted.Come along with carving on a snowboard and improving your basic physical strength on a daily basis!

Flex choice is possible
It is a nice point to be able to choose the flex according to your weight and taste.
OL (soft flex / standard weight: 35-70 kg)
Characterized by boldness. 4PLY Bamboo + 4PLY Canadian MAPLE.
PY (Hard flex / Estimated weight: 55-80kg)
Characterized by a unique bounce. 2PLY Bamboo + 5PLY Canadian MAPLE + 1PLY fiberglass.

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