I have enjoyed carving at ski resorts in the coldest areas of Hokkaido! / Nukabira Gensenkyo Ski Resort

Introducing this time is located in the coldest inland area in Hokkaido"Nukabira Gensenkyo Ski Resort"..Warm dress and layering are more important than usual in cold areas.


This ski resort should be able to ski in a vast field, but now it seems that the upper part of the ski resort cannot be skied due to a landslide. Sorry!

Nasuhei-2 The lower field where you can slide now.

A panoramic view of KasuhiraThis is the original field.

0 Rider / Yo Amagai who participated this time

0 – 1

The first high-speed lift has a hood to keep out the cold.


First of all“Road course”I aimed for a challenge course from.


"Road course"It seems that the general road is the course of the name.I couldn't do anything because the slope was a little too gentle.

“Road course”から"Challenge course"What.

10This course was on a ridge. 


The last will be an open burn.

Then again“Road course”Via“Romance contact course”What.


 It was hard snow, but the swell was a fun course.


From the top to the bottom of the course.


There is also a goofy and regular swell at the bottom, so you can enjoy carving.

By turning the romance lift,"Wide course"“Lower part of romance communication course”,"Circuit course"I will play.

However, it is cold because there is no hood.
"Wide course"Is a steep slope.It's a tough side.
6After finishing the steep slope, a pleasant gentle slope continues.

After that, take the first high-speed lift again, opposite to the road course."First high speed course"What.

12 13 14The course width is narrow, but the swell of the course tilts to the right and left, so it was quite a fun course.

The day I visited "Nukabira Gensenkyo Ski Resort" was hard snow, but I enjoyed the open burn and swell.I couldn't ski the entire "Nukabira Gensenkyo Ski Resort" due to a landslide, so I would like to visit again when all the courses are open.

If you have a chance, please come.


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