Canoeing in Gunma's unexplored region, Suganuma @Bluebird Canoe

I went to visit Bluebird Canoe in Gunma on Saturday.
What is Bluebird Canoe?There will be many such people.
The following is a quote from the homepage.

BLUE BIRD CANOE is held mainly in the lakes Suganuma and Marunuma in Katashina Village, Gunma Prefecture.
Canoe and kayak tour.Suganuma, Marunuma, Lake Chuzenji, Mt. Akagi, Lake Sonohara, Lake Okutone (Yagisawa Dam)
Katashina River, Tone River, etc.Katashina Village, Gunma Prefecture, which is easily accessible from the Kanto area such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama.
Floating on the surface of the emerald green lake, which boasts the highest transparency in Honshu, nature is surrounded by virgin forest.
You can enjoy it.In addition, optional tours are being held in the above other fields in the Kanto area!
We are also waiting for you to prepare a one-day tour where you can enjoy BBQ lunch.
Of course, you can bring your pet with you!Various rental gears are also available!Please contact us for details.
The latest informationFacebook Bluebird CanoeYou can also see it on the page.

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I often go to Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort in winter, but the road to Suganuma is closed in winter.
I will be able to pass through after GW, but for the first time I have risen above Marunuma.
By the way, Suganuma's reading is not "Suganuma" but "Sugenuma".

The weather is rainy.
However, my feelings were completely suitable for canoeing, so I got on.

This day was a tour with about 15 people.Children, adults, and even dogs are the same lol
The first Suganuma is a really beautiful emerald green.
It looks beautiful up to the bottom of the water.Sightseeing in such Suganuma by canoe.It's raining but it feels good!
After the excursion, take a break on the sandy beach.After chatting while eating a snack, jump in!

You can be Tarzan.

It seems that the water gets quite cold in autumn, so if you jump in, now
Canoeing in the beautiful Suganuma is comfortable and highly recommended!

By the way, the representative of Coco Bluebird Canoe is Tomokazu Kuwano, who is also active as a snowboard photographer.
In the October issue of FREE RUN released on September 9, photos of High Water Crew on the water and Mr. Kuwano will be posted.
looking forward to~

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