Can't you hear more now?How to choose a helmet for fashion and safety

I think that many snowboarders from the first generation to the late XNUMXs do not wear helmets.However, the number of kids snowboarding has increased over the last few years, and the younger generation has come to wear helmets as a matter of course.

Helmets are now worn by many users, but many still don't know how to choose an actual helmet.This time, I was able to ask Mr. Yamada of SMITH OPTICS in detail how to choose a helmet, important things to choose, maintenance, etc.




Tips for choosing goggles, the importance of lens careI asked about the helmets worn by both children and adults.First of all, I heard that the demand for helmets has increased considerably in the last few years.


Due to the influence of the Sochi Olympics, the number of inquiries from shops and users has increased considerably. Watching TV, I feel that when I snowboard, I have the image of wearing a helmet.Also, in recent years, there have been many cases in which fathers and mothers are willing to purchase from the idea of ​​safety for children starting from now on.


SMITH has been releasing helmets for quite some time, and as one of the top helmet manufacturers in the world, we have received instructions from users and shops.In the United States, it is expected that the number of sales will be the top as a helmet brand next year.


(the eye and the hand)

SMITH helmets are gaining popularity all over the world



② How should I choose a helmet?


From the first generation of snowboarding to the late XNUMXs, I think that many skier snowboarders did not wear helmets due to the situation at that time, but that situation has changed completely.In that respect, there are many users who do not yet know how to choose a basic helmet.


First and foremost, I think the most important thing is whether the helmet meets the safety standards.There are no Japanese standards at present, but I think it is important to choose from helmets that meet both the American safety standards ASTM and the European safety standards CE. ..In other words, it is safe to slide in the mountains of the world if these two safety standards are met at present.



If you are a solid manufacturer, you should always have the letters ASTM and CE in your helmet as shown in the picture.



③ What else is important in choosing a helmet?


When choosing a helmet, I think that users will first choose based on size. SMITH helmets are available in sizes S, M and L, but we recommend that you make fine adjustments for each size.For example, it is a helmet that can be fine-tuned by turning the dial, and the size can be adjusted by moving or removing the pad inside.After that, I think it is important to choose whether it is a lightweight model that satisfies safety or a model that seeks comfort, depending on the individual gliding style.

I think it will be a matter of style, but relatively skiers wear it directly, and snowboarders wear it on beanies.


For users who have never used a helmet before, the weight of the helmet may be very worrisome.Such users recommend lightweight helmets, and some of SMITH's helmet models have a low floor design, and the rounded shape of the side of the helmet changes the angle from the middle and the center of the total weight. Since the part is lowered, there is an advantage that the head is hard to shake.



Like MAZE in the photo, lowering the floor of the helmet leads to both feeling and weight reduction.



Helmets are safe in the first place, but in addition to that, ear pads are also important as cold protection that survives the cold and soundproofing that enhances concentration.However, this also depends on personal taste, so I think it's a good idea to choose one that can be easily removed and maintained.


Also, depending on the individual, ventilation to control the cold and heat is also an essential part in terms of comfort.However, it is not enough to have ventilation, but ventilation that can be adjusted by yourself and ventilation that makes the goggles less likely to fog are also very important parts considering the compatibility between the helmet and the goggles.



Some models allow you to adjust the ventilation yourself depending on the condition



In the case of SMITH, there is an advantage that you can develop a helmet and goggles at the same time, so if you actually wear a helmet and goggles, the ventilation of the entire surface of the helmet and the ventilation part of the goggles are secured, so the helmet It is possible to maximize the performance of both the helmet and the goggles. At SMITH, this is called integration.




The part of the index finger of the right hand in the photo is called integration, and it controls the ventilation of SMITH goggles and the ventilation of the helmet.



Furthermore, when purchasing a helmet, it is important to go to the store and test whether the actual head shape and the helmet match well.Also, if the helmet and goggles are of different brands, the shape of the goggles and the shape of the helmet do not match, so there may be a gap between the helmet and the goggles, or only one place may hit and make a noise while sliding. Please note that the goggles may become cloudy.


Many users do not notice it unexpectedly, but when using a helmet, the band of goggles may be stretched out.In that case, goggles that can also use something like an extension band may be good. Since SMITH has an extension band (extender), the band will not stretch out and you can use it comfortably.




It is also recommended to use an extension band (extender) so that the band of goggles does not stretch out.


④ Does the helmet require maintenance?


For those who can wear the helmet directly, it is recommended to remove the inner inside of the helmet and wash it, and also remove the ear pads and wash it, and it is necessary to check for cracks and cracks in terms of safety. is.




It is recommended to choose a model that can be adjusted by washing, removing and adjusting the inner and ear pads inside the helmet.



⑤ If the slipping scene is decided to some extent, should I choose a helmet that supports it?


I agree.However, depending on the field and category of skiing and snowboarding, it is natural to ensure safety, and the performance required for a helmet will differ, so consider the field, condition, and number of days you will ski to some extent. I think it's better to be chosen.Here, I will explain with SMITH's helmet.


In the case of the freestyle scene, weight reduction is a category that is directly related to movement.Therefore, we recommend MAZE because it has excellent breathability and is a lightweight model.This model weighs only 350g, and most of the SMITH riders who participated in the Sochi Olympics used this model.Of course, it is a model with a low floor design, and the parts that can be scraped off due to its lightness are scraped off as much as possible.This model is recommended not only for freestyle, but also for those who have never worn a helmet before because the weight does not matter.



Model: MAZE


In the backcountry and ski scenes, the VANTAGE model is the one that gets the most instructions.This is a model that has good impact absorption and breathability.You can adjust the ventilation yourself even in harsh conditions, and you can fine-tune the size with BOA.





In addition, the colloidal material inside, which is made by shortening and superimposing straws, absorbs shocks and improves breathability.This colloidal material is 30% stronger than previous models.Isn't this a pretty important part of the backcountry?Despite being a top-of-the-line model with many features, this model weighs only 500g.



The colloidal material makes the strength 30% higher than the previous model, while improving the ventilation performance inside the helmet as shown in the photo image.


Next, it will be for entry, but if you are just starting skiing or snowboarding, I think that there are many people who are unexpectedly messed up with helmets.Therefore, we recommend a tough model that will not dent even if you handle it roughly.The weight of this GAGE ​​is 500g, which is the same as VANTAGE, so it is light enough.It is not a pursuit of lightness, it is very easy to use as a model that seeks durability on sufficient lightness, and it is a model that can be used easily.





Lastly, regarding the kids model, we recommend a model whose size can be fine-tuned.This is because kids are growing rapidly and often become unusable immediately after purchasing. SMITH's ZOOM JR. For kids has a dial fit system so it's easy to adjust and very lightweight.We have also released a set of helmet and goggles, so it is recommended because it is compatible and cheap.









This time, I was able to hear a lot of things that are not surprisingly known, such as how to choose a helmet and standards in terms of safety, helmets to choose according to the scene, and the importance of compatibility between goggles and helmets.


In order to continue skiing and snowboarding happily in the future, it is important to ensure safety in the unlikely event that it is a helmet.

Please take this opportunity to reconsider the importance of helmets in order to continue to enjoy winter sports with your loved ones, family and friends.






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